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Critical Environments Group will help you manage, maintain and optimize your data center or IT environment. The result? Infrastructure efficiencies, lower operating costs, smart growth strategies. CEG brings value to any engagement right from the start.

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Intelligent Solutions for Critical Environments
Custom Containment
Many mid-sized operations are unprepared for the power, space and cooling needs of Cryptocurrency Mining. As a result, they’re burning through equipment and money faster than expected. Critical Environments Group addresses this with environments that are custom-built within existing space.Learn more.
Critical Power Solutions
Power is now the single largest operational cost for an IT environment. Be proactive in improving efficiencies. Learn more.
Been Burned by Free CFD?
You’ve tried the rest, now learn why we’re the best! Always Accurate CFD with CEG.
Learn more.

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Top Scores for Top-notch Service

As a Certified Service Sales Partner, CEG’s maintenance program is reviewed annually. For 2018, CEG achieved a stellar sales effectiveness score and placed in the top 10 nationwide!


Done Right, Data Center Aisle Containment can Yield Huge Benefits

Everyone knows Aisle Containment’s a great way to achieve efficiencies and cost savings. What’s not talked about is that many end users never realize the benefits they were promised. Read our latest blog to make sure your airflow solution isn’t just a bunch of hot air.



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