Data Center Products

Data Center Products

In a well-designed critical environment, precision power and cooling equipment, as well as monitoring tools and software interact effectively to collect data, maintain control, easily implement changes, ensure reliability, and realize the lowest possible energy costs. In order to maximize the investment made in the data center, additional tools and products designed to protect major assets are necessary.

CEG offers a host of other devices and solutions for outfitting a mission-critical environment.

Modular Data Center Solutions

Modular data centers offer a solid, cost effective option for adding floor space or power and cooling capacity. They can be procured and placed in service more rapidly than if you are building or adding expansion space with traditional construction methods. In situations where time is limited, or other special constraints apply, these modular solutions merit consideration.

Structured Cabling

Cabling is an essential backbone element in every data center. Structured cabling solutions are designed to support and enhance the operation of the systems and applications on which your organization relies. Our pre-terminated cabling solutions provide high performance, trouble-free connectivity, a solid routing system, and an organizing tool to maximize current and future efficiencies.

Physical Security

Cameras, sensors, and access control devices to provide infrastructure security are a small, but important element in most critical environments.  CEG will help determine what types of security measures the best fit for your unique circumstances and needs.

Protective Products – Ceiling Leak and Contaminant Control

Providing protection from dirt, dust and leaking water in your mission critical environment may not be your highest priority, but it is a problem that warrants attention.   The team at CEG will help you select products to allow your valuable equipment to run without impairment and to keep your invaluable information safe.

High Efficiency Lighting – LED Fluorescent Replacement Bulbs


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