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Archive for March 2017

CEG featured in Datacenter Dynamics

DCiM solutions LLC acquired IIS Group last year Data center infrastructure management company DCiM solutions LLC has merged with infrastructure solutions company IIS Group. The company’s new name, Critical Environments Group (CEG), reflects a wider ambition than the two former companies could manage. Click Here to read the full article

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CEG featured in Data Center Knowledge

Although DCiM acquired IIS Group late last year, it waited until Wednesday to make that announcement in conjunction with revealing the combined company’s new name. Called Critical Environments Group or CEG for short, a decision was made to rebrand the one merged company to better communicate its comprehensive service and solution portfolio, wrote the company’s…

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DCiM Solutions acquires IIS Group

DCiM Solutions acquires IIS Group; Both Companies Brand as Critical Environments Group Adoption of CEG better reflects newly-merged company’s focus on efficiency, reliability and innovation for all types of critical environments. Press Release

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