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Archive for October 2017

Airflow Optimization Part 1

Data center overcooling is a big problem, and simply turning up the thermostat or flipping the off switch won’t fix it. But how can you solve the problem when you don’t know where to look? That’s where we can help. Think of CEG as your Data Center Detectives. The average data center is overcooling nearly…

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Airflow Optimization Part 2

Whatever the size, scope or situation, CEG’s data center remediation experts have “been there, done that.” We offer the most comprehensive and diverse airflow management solutions available today. You’ve had your data center assessed and know where the problems lie. You may have even implemented a few changes on your own. Awesome! But there’s more…

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Airflow Optimization Part 3

You can improve upon your data center’s airflow situation until the cows come home. But if you aren’t monitoring ALL the conditions in your critical environment you can’t prevent problems from returning. CEG can help you deploy next-generation tools to elevate your environment monitoring and data center operations capabilities. With 44% of an average data…

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You can’t Manage What You Don’t Monitor

With 44% of an average data center’s cost of ownership going toward airflow and power usage, you’d think the case for monitoring both the airflow and power in the data center would be obvious, right? Unfortunately, you’d be wrong. It’s staggering the number of facility managers that, when asked about their IT load, have no…

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Airflow Optimization doesn’t have to Break the Bank

The benefits to improving airflow management in your data center are numerous, with the most attention-getting reason being up to a 30% energy savings. But achieving this type of savings is much more involved than simply turning off a CRAC unit. The underlying issues must be addressed and resolved before mechanical load can be reduced…

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CFD Modeling takes the Guesswork out of the Future

While Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has been an accepted best practices tool for many years, it still amazes me how many data center managers don’t see its value. Smaller or homegrown facilities often don’t see the need either because they’re so small that the money lost to overcooling isn’t significant enough to make a change;…

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