Data center overcooling is a big problem, and simply turning up the thermostat or flipping the off switch won’t fix it. But how can you solve the problem when you don’t know where to look? That’s where we can help. Think of CEG as your Data Center Detectives.

The average data center is overcooling nearly three times the required amount. Now combine that stat with the fact that upwards of 37% of a data center’s power consumption is tied up in cooling and airflow; AND that up to 24% of a data center budget can go toward cooling. The reality is that overcooling is a big issue. Fortunately, CEG can provide answers and solutions without breaking the bank.

Assessing the Environment
An assessment by CEG comes in many shapes and sizes. Often, our engineering experts can identify issues just by touring the facility during an introductory visit. Sometimes a day spent with your team sharing suggestions such as clean cable or better CRAC and/or rack placement may do the trick. Both 10,000-foot options can be done at no cost to you.

When the environment requires deeper and broader study, CEG will assess cooling load, air flow, rack configuration, and deployment of perforated floor tiles, seals, gaskets, and blanking panels.  We also consider air conditioner placement and setup, outside air infiltration, room envelope openings (vapor barriers), and humidity levels.  

For CFD modeling, CEG utilizes 6SigmaDCX. DCX is a computational fluid dynamics simulation tool that provides increased levels of productivity for troubleshooting and data center planning.

Providing the Answers
After an assessment, CEG will guide you through our recommendations while keeping timing and budget top-of-mind. And because of our longstanding relationship with renowned manufacturers, we’re well informed about the latest technology for achieving higher reliability and reduced operating costs.
CEG Assessments Include:

  • Thermal load analysis
  • Power utilization
    efficiency study
  • Capacity benchmarking
  • Data Center Space Optimization
  • Redundancy and
    Failure Analysis
  • Energy Efficiency Projects
  • Utility Incentive Coordination

Optimization Benefits:

  • Proper airflow management alone can provide up to a 30% energy savings.
  • Improved predictability and efficiency of cooling systems.
  • Allows cool air to reach front of equipment without mixing with hot air.
  • Allows for higher supply temperature settings.
  • Increase chilled water set point.
  • Eliminates need for oversized equipment to compensate for mixing, hotspots, etc.
  • Reduced HVAC fan speeds (10% fan reduction in fan speed equates to a 30% efficiency gain)

Our critical environment experts are always available to discuss your needs and help you make informed decisions. In addition to Assessment Services, we offer a full array of infrastructure, monitoring and DCIM solutions

Contact us at info@criticaleg.com or 800.257.5235.

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