When the phrase ‘mission-critical environment’ is used, it’s most often referring to a data center. The reality is that there are many other environments that are just as, if not more, critical. Medical facilities are excellent examples of this.  Due to the high-priority of “Life Safety,” hospitals are the most vulnerable. If they lose power, there’s much more at stake than lost data or revenue. It can have life or death consequences.

More and more facilities are adding Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to supplement existing emergency power systems that are required by health codes and government regulations. Even a second of lost power can have major consequences, the most significant being a failure of medical equipment like CT, MRI, PET or X-ray machines. IT systems that house patient records and facilitate registration/discharge can become inaccessible or damaged. And although patient safety is the number one reason for reducing the risk of equipment malfunctions, healthcare administrators must also consider the financial repercussions. Electrical disturbances can result in repeated diagnostic tests, wasted medical supplies, and expensive service and repair calls. UPS systems can mitigate damaging power disturbances and provide short-term backup power until emergency power comes online.

CEG was recently chosen to address the critical power needs of a leading Florida Cancer Treatment Facility. We provided two paralleled CleanSource Flywheel-backed UPS Systems. Manufactured by Active Power, this UPS system is an ideal fit for the specific demands of healthcare applications where electrical interruption isn’t an option. This particular client was interested in the Active Power UPS System because it is a cleaner energy storage option. The CleanSource is battery-free – using kinetic energy (flywheel) energy storage versus chemical (battery) energy storage. It is proven to be safer, more reliable, and less costly to own and operate than comparable legacy, battery-based UPS systems. Additional clear advantages include:

  • 20+ year design life. It will provide the same amount of stored energy in year 20 that it did on day one.
  • It can operate between 0 to 40 degrees Celsius without any impact on performance. This allows the UPS to be placed in locations where cooling is expensive or not available.
  • A CleanSource UPS can also operate at higher ambient temperatures with less heat rejection, measurably improving cooling loading and costs.
  • The battery-free design reduces installation and operating costs, such as ventilation and fire safety, compared to conventional UPS solutions. This not only simplifies and improves the flexibility of the UPS, but may also ease concerns from regulatory and permitting agencies.

As the only Active Power sales representative in Florida, CEG was pleased to offer the medical center’s facility engineer and contractor a solution that would provide them with the clean, always-on electrical power necessary to save lives. CEG’s critical environment experts are always available to discuss your electrical power issues and help you make informed decisions. Contact us at or 800.257.5235.