Data Center Cabling

Proper cable management will do more for your system than just keeping you organized. Managing your server rack cables effectively helps improve airflow and cooling efficiency, enhances system performance, and increases availability for maintenance and scalability.

Here are a few cable management best practices to implement in your data center, server room or IT closet to maximize operational efficiency.

Create a Cable Management Strategy

First, measure your infrastructure area. Where will the equipment be placed? Will your rack be in a small or large server room? Also consider the length and placements of your cable and equipment components. Too little or too much cable can be wasteful and increases the chances of connectivity issues.

Next, identify your cable pathways. How do you want to route your data and power cables? Will you need to route them from the top or the bottom of the server rack?

Evaluating your infrastructure environment and needs is critical for a seamless integration, so this would be a good time to enlist the help of an outside expert. Partnering with a data center specialist at the start and throughout the process will ensure your critical space is optimized.

Organize for Ease-of-use and Air Flow

As you’re developing a cable management strategy, don’t forget about the variables that will likely influence your cable routes and overall infrastructure. For example, environmental factors may impact he lifespan of your equipment such as restricting airflow and causing temperatures to rise.

Additionally, disorganized pathways can damage your cables. Protect them by avoiding excessive movement and secure them around sharp bends around corners.

Effective cable management organization will ensure safer and easier access for future maintenance and service.

Tools to Enhance Cable Management Efficiency

Make cable management easier by utilizing tools to enhance the efficiency of your operations.

We recommend using an organized system like color coding cables to keep easily identify the cable’s type, purpose, and destination. Also consider cable management solutions like horizontal, vertical and hangers and trays for a clean look and easy upkeep.

For the best flexibility for movement, additions, or removals or equipment in your server room or data center, select a high-impact solution like Vertiv’s VR Rack Accessories.

It features robust configurations and components like tool-less features to alleviate entanglement and improper placement.

Document Your Data Center’s Infrastructure

Your data infrastructure will continuously evolve to meet the needs of your end user. Therefore, planning with scalability in mind is critical. Without proper documentation, it may be difficult to maintain or provision new equipment and address any connectivity issues.

Documentation can include diagrams along with specifications such as cable types, patching information, and color coordination.

Also invest in a DCIM solution to help you coordinate, manage, and plan for changes in your infrastructure.

Take Your Data Center Cable Management to The Next Level

Every critical IT environment is different which is why CEG offers clients comprehensive critical support solutions. We have decades of experience in data center design, installation and integration. We’ll work with you to help maximize performance and plan for future trends. Contact us today.