CEG article in Mission Critical Magazine

In a reality where cabinet densities are rising — with recent research stating upwards of 10 kW per rack, on average — increasing energy efficiency and keeping operating costs down in data centers has never been so relevant or so challenging. CEG's Rob Huttemann and Chatsworth Products' Tom Cabral recently authored an article on this subject for Mission Critical Magazine. The article, "Rack Densities on the Rise: Now is the Prime Time for Airflow Containment," offers data center containment best practices that won't bust your budget.

This article is the first in a four-part series that will provide tips for improving efficiency in the Rack, Row, Room and Raised-floor of the data center. Read part one here. CEG will expand upon these rack-level best practices during a March 5 webinar that's part of CPI's Drive Forward webinar series. Learn more about and register here.