CEG offers Schneider Electric Galaxy VS UPS, now with Internal Smart Battery Modules

Schneider Electric Galaxy VS UPS for data center

Schneider Electric’s Galaxy VS UPS has received an upgrade!  The 10-50kW UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) now comes with internal smart battery modules – a first for Schneider Electric’s systems. This should lead to improved availability and flexibility when compared to the Galaxy VS UPS system without the new modules.

Ideal for Edge Data Centers

Like other products in the Galaxy VS UPS system, the new three-phase UPS with internal smart battery modules is completely modular and is easy to install. It’s all contained within a single rack solution, making it ideal for edge installations, while also delivering the power necessary to support heavy IT loads.

Data center operators and integrators can choose models offering between 10 to 50 kW of power, with the smart battery modules improving availability with added battery flexibility and monitoring, redundant battery strings, and self-configuration. The new modules also ensure that critical loads are always protected with highly predictable runtimes and battery redundancy.

This new member of the Galaxy V series strikes the right balance for edge and cloud customers who need innovative solutions that are easy to deploy in this hybrid ecosystem. With its compact, modular design, the Galaxy VS can deploy faster and in a smaller space than traditional UPSs, saving data centers time and money.

Galaxy VS benefits include:

  • Cost Savings: Customers may potentially recover their initial investment within two years through energy savings. Provides up to 99 percent efficiency when operated in Schneider’s patented ECOnversion mode.
  • Smaller Footprint: Compact design provides high-density technology especially suited to confined spaces with full front access for easy and fast connection and services.
  • Reliable Energy Storage: Lithium-ion battery technology options restore backup time quickly, protect your load even during repeated power interruptions, and provide longer life than traditional battery solutions.
  • 24/7 Visibility and Increased Peace of Mind: EcoStruxure IT ready with anytime, anywhere monitoring and service support and real-time status updates via Smartphone app.
  • Increased Uptime and Simplified Maintenance: Critical system components are built as modules in a modular design. The fault-tolerant design provides internal redundancy at reduced load levels. The modular design provides shorter mean time to repair.

Watch the video to learn more, then contact CEG to find out if the Galaxy VS UPS is the right fit for your edge data center's or smaller IT environment's critical power needs.