Technology Partners need to do our part in keeping you healthy, safe.

The coronavirus outbreak has U.S. companies starting to shutter offices, restrict nonessential travel and send workers home to telecommute. While this may be helpful to guard against further spread of the disease, those working in a data center don’t have the option to close-up shop or work from home. For data centers, it’s business as usual. That means 24/7 uptime is still the standard, efficiencies still need to improve, maintenance must be performed, parts will be ordered, equipment still needs to be installed.

CEG is committed to ensuring the health of our customers’ data centers. But our top concern is the health of our actual customers. To that end, here’s a few things that we, as well as everyone in our industry, can do to limit the spread of the virus.

Limit Face-to-face Meetings

At the end of the day, we realize that nothing beats meeting in person: a tour of your facility, sharing a meal, stopping by a tradeshow booth. But for the short-term, CEG will significantly limit its face-to-face engagements with end users. We’ll be doing lots of video conferences and reaching out by phone, both of which give us the ability to build meaningful relationships before meeting in person. BTW, an additional benefit to our video conferences is that everything’s recorded, allowing those who missed the meeting to catch up. But regardless of the circumstance, CEG is ALWAYS available in-person for emergencies, maintenance, installs, and by customer request.

Remote Assessments & Solutions

With coronavirus fears undermining business-as-usual across all industries, companies will soon be looking to reduce costs and improve efficiencies throughout the organization – including the IT department. The good news is that we don’t have to wait for a face-to-face meeting to assess your needs and make some recommendations for improvement. CEG’s already been giving end users “virtual tours” of our completed containment and power projects. We can discuss your unique needs and explore our full product offering remotely. No business slowdowns here!

Training & Education on Your Schedule

We all look to events like Data Center World, professional organization chapter meetings, and on-site training sessions to learn about new products and industry trends. But as more and more of these events are cancelled, educational webinars will become a data center operator’s best educational resource. You’ll receive all the information you’d get in an in-person presentation, but at your convenience (not the events’).

CEG will be hosting several webinars in the coming months where we’ll discuss ways to improve data center containment that won’t break the bank. Also check out the great programs offered by Data Center Dynamics and Mission Critical Magazine.

What can We do to Help?

While limiting face-to-face contact may decrease the spread of coronavirus, it will definitely increase the criticality of the data center. What else can data center technology and service partners do to help you do your job and stay healthy? Please share all your ideas!

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