Ekkosense Data Center DCIM monitoring

EkkoSoft Critical 6.0 goes beyond traditional capacity reporting to address all aspects of data center performance.

While EkkoSense visualization and monitoring software is already widely used to optimize thermal performance across critical facilities, its newest software release – EkkoSoft Critical 6.0 – takes capacity planning to the next level.

EkkoSoft Critical 6.0 combines granular IoT sensor data with the latest intuitive 3D visualization techniques to make immersive real-time monitoring and planning of data center power, cooling and space a reality. With this addition, EkkoSense now offers true capacity planning at a fraction of the cost of more expensive and complex traditional DCIM solutions.

New EkkoSoft Critical 6.0 Features

  • Capacity Planning – comprehensive Ticketing and Future Capacity support, as well as the ability to identify Power Allocation Variance and release stranded M&E capacity
  • Site Power View – a unique 3D power schematic visualization that simplifies capacity management by showing detailed Power Usage by site, UPS, DC and cooling
  • Cooling Advisor – the world’s first software-embedded advisory module guides operational changes that can remove areas of thermal risk, improve compliance to industry standards and unlock 10%+ cooling energy savings in-house
  • Updated Estate Views – helps data center operations teams to manage their entire estate’s power and cooling performance, compare site-by-site efficiencies and track performance and compliance against key cooling, power and capacity targets

Data Center Energy Savings

Combining EkkoSoft Critical 6.0 with EkkoSense’s Critical Things sensor technology provides data centers with a unique solution for monitoring, planning and performance optimization. Customers can benefit from 100% rack-level ASHRAE thermal compliance, a 24% average data center cooling energy savings, and real-time cooling capacity insight to prevent unnecessary capex spending on new cooling systems.

In partnership with Upsite Technologies, CEG offers the complete line of EkkoSense solutions, including EkkoSoft Critical and the Critical Things family of sensors. Contact Us today to make immersive real-time thermal and power monitoring in your facility a reality.