CEG offers Sunbird DCIM software

Set and Monitor Thresholds of Inlet Line Amps & Rack PDU Outlet Circuit Breaker Loads to Improve Data Center Uptime.

Sunbird’s newest version of its Power IQ® Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software provides the information and controls you need to fully utilize your existing infrastructure resources while alerting you to trouble before it causes downtime.

With Release 7.1, Power IQ now has an extreme level of granularity to data center power monitoring by allowing users to set and monitor thresholds for single and 3 phase power of infrastructure equipment such as rack PDU inlets, rack PDU outlet breakers, Remote Power Panels, floor PDUs, and UPSs. Setting thresholds in Power IQ is easy, and users are immediately alerted to threshold violations via dashboards and email. This additional functionality enables operators to react quickly to prevent costly unplanned downtime.

CEG DCIM SoftwareRelease 7.1 also comes with elegant GUI enhancements to keep the technology behind Power IQ as modern as ever. These enhancements include a dark mode, new dashboard layout options, and folders to save and share dashboards.

Additional new features include new local levels for easier reporting and data rollups at region, country, territory, and city levels; a new active directory; LDAP groups module; and much more.

CEG is proud to partner with Sunbird in addressing our clients’ critical powerair flow and facility monitoring needs. As you look to deploy Power IQ or other DCIM tools, CEG can help you addresses areas such as capacity planning, change management, and the monitoring of components in the power distribution chain and cooling systems. CONTACT US today to achieve next-level visibility into your data center.