managing airflow at the raised floor level

Join CEG & RLE Technologies on July 30 to discuss data center containment best practices that don't bust your budget.

Date: Thursday, July 30, 2020

Time: 11:00am EDT / 9:00am MDT

When using raised floors in data centers, there are many standard considerations that go into selecting the proper floor system: type of support structure and the tiles that sit on top of it; depth of the sub-floor plenum, equipment weight load; tile construction. But when it comes to aisle containment, there are a few more factors Raised Floor in Aisle Containmentthat must be considered for the floor to play its role in a properly functioning aisle containment design.

Join Critical Environments Group and RLE Technologies on Thursday, July 30 for a free webinar to discuss the best practices of managing airflow at the raised floor level. We’ll explore a variety of topics including:

  • The importance of the raised floor in cold aisle containment
  • How to manage bypass airflow at the floor level
  • How to match cooling capacity with the IT load
  • The role floor tiles play in good airflow management
  • Best practices for managing airflow capacity and volume in a contained aisle


This is the last in CEG's four-part series of airflow management best practices webinars. Click HERE to view previous webinars with Upsite Technologies and Chatsworth Products.