Vertiv Trinergy Cube UPS for Data Center

Vertiv Introduces its most Flexible Modular UPS to North American Data Centers

Full disclosure, Vertiv’s latest critical power solution – the Liebert® Trinergy™ Cube UPS – isn’t exactly new. It’s been at the forefront of intelligent, modular power protection around the world for several years, with more than one million kilowatts of power installed worldwide. But having the industry’s most flexible modular UPS system available to North American cloud and colocation facilities IS new!

Capacity & Installation Flexibility

Vertiv’s Liebert Trinergy Cube is a modular, hot-scalable, transformer-free UPS that enables enterprises modernizing their data centers and growing colocation and cloud providers to reduce capital and operating expenses while enhancing availability, flexibility and sustainability. This is the only UL-listed UPS in the market which allows for hot scalability from 400 kW to 1600 kW in a single unit.

By integrating multiple power cores within the system, the Trinergy Cube minimizes the complexity of traditional multi-module system designs while supporting scalable, high-availability 2N or reserve architectures with advanced features such as short circuit protection, support for distributed or centralized lithium ion batteries, hot modularity and circular redundancy. The system’s design enables batteries to scale with the power cores for true incremental growth and allows unneeded cores to be idled during periods of low demand for maximum utilization.

Next Level Scalability

The system’s modular design is hot-scalable and allows data centers to add capacity as needed while maximizing available floor space and reducing capital expenses and total cost of ownership (TCO). It can be configured in a wide range of layouts. Whether you require a straight row, L-shape or back-to-back, the system easily adapts to available floor space.

The Trinergy Cube is scalable up to 12.8 MW; the highest active power rating available thanks to three-dimensional modularity:

  • Vertical Modularity – Stacked drawers in each core can be individually extracted for service purposes while the UPS continues to protect your load.
  • Horizontal Modularity – Enables the Trinergy Cube to scale up to 1.6 MW in power by adding complete cores (UPS modules) side-by-side and around the input/output power section.
  • Orthogonal Modularity – gives it the ability to work with up to 8 complete UPS (fully populated with cores) in parallel.

Partner with CEG to ensure Data Center Critical Power 

Efficient capacity management is critical to the success of today’s data centers. It’s especially important to cloud and colocation providers as they plan to grow with their customers. With industry-leading footprint and power density, operating efficiency above 99% and robust electrical protection, Vertiv’s Liebert Trinergy Cube is a smart choice for these data centers.

CEG is proud to partner with Vertiv to address our clients’ critical power needs. Please reach out to me. I’d be happy to help you decide what kind of UPS system is best for your critical environment. Contact me at to get the conversation started or CLICK HERE to read more about this new product.