The COVID-19 pandemic has halted many aspects of American life. However, in a return to normalcy in conjunction with the vaccine rollout, many commercial buildings are attempting to reopen. The steps for a safe reopening of commercial assets is no easy task.

On Tuesday, December 15, CEG and CAPRE hosted an in-depth webinar on this subject: Safely Preparing your Facility for Employee and Visitor Re-entry. CEG, along with a panel of experts, discussed the following:

  • Reopening strategies, successes and challenges
  • Proven policies and procedures that are safely preparing real estate assets, schools, data centers, medical facilities for re-entry
    • Remote management and monitoring
    • HVAC considerations
    • Antimicrobial surface treatments and hand sanitizers
    • Best practices for protection measures and controlled access
    • Touchless multi-modal biometric access control

Click below to watch this informative event!

CAPRE’s Safely Preparing Your Facility For Employee And Visitor Re Entry