New Tech News – Liebert PSI5 Lithium Ion UPS

Li-ion UPS for data centers

Li-ion Single Phase UPS provides longer runtime, lowest TCO for edge deployments More and more digital applications are being shifted to the edge of the network, where on-site IT support is limited. But these edge facilities are no less critical than most enterprise data centers and should have the same level of power protection. Lithium-ion…

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VRLA vs. Lithium-ion: Which is Better for Your UPS System?

CEG offers APC Lithium-ion battery for data centers

VRLA batteries have long been a preferred UPS energy source given their reliability, low initial purchase cost, and management ease. However, with the decreased price of lithium-ion batteries over the past few years, they’re quickly becoming a viable critical power option for data centers and critical environments of all sizes. But despite their rise in…

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VIDEO – Safely Preparing Your Facility for Re-entry

CEG CAPRE webinar on biometric access control

Did you miss our recent webinar on safely preparing your facility for employee and visitor re-entry? You’re in luck, you can watch it here! As American life attempts to return to normalcy in conjunction with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, many commercial buildings are attempting to reopen. But reopening a safe and effective manner is no…

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