New Tech News – RLE Wi-Fi Environmental Sensors

RLE WIFI_LD-Environmental Monitoring Sensor

New Wi-Fi Sensor Options allow for easy deployment, immediate insight into any facility.

The need to monitor spaces and environmental conditions within a facility is more important than ever, and demand for that capability has gone way beyond data centers. RLE Technologies is addressing this need with new sensor options that capitalize on the fact that most data centers, as well as commercial and industrial facilities, already have Wi-Fi infrastructure in place.

RLE Technologies has added two sensors – the WIFI-1WIRE and the WIFI-LD –to its family of wireless monitoring solutions. This product line lets you drop in sensors wherever you need them to monitor conditions globally and centralize all that data into one oversight system.  The readings from these new sensors, as well as RLE’s existing WIFI-TH sensor, populate seamlessly into the RLE WiNG-MGR user interface. If you’re using a BMS, the sensors can transmit information via a UDP packet.

In addition to being easy to install and deploy, RLE’s Wi-Fi sensors are compact and unobtrusive, yet provide an industry-leading battery life – five to seven years at room temperature.

Monitor Temperature and Humidity Using Your Wi-Fi Network

The WIFI-1WIRE couples a Wi-Fi wireless transmitter with a probe-style sensor on a 25’ leader cable to monitor temperature and humidity and provide a calculated dew point. The WIFI-1WIRE makes it easy to monitor conditions in every corner – hidden or visible – in a wide variety of spaces, including:

  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Ovens and dryers
  • Warehouses
  • Heating and cooling ducts
  • Data cabinets

Patented Leak Detection Delivered Via Wi-Fi

Whether you’re using a WiNG-MGR or a BMS system, the WIFI-LD allows you to leverage your existing Wi-Fi network to monitor for conductive fluid leaks and ensure cable continuity in your facility.

The WIFI-LD pairs a Wi-Fi wireless transmitter with RLE’s patented leak detection cable or spot detectors to notify users of conductive fluid leaks before damage can occur.

Keep an Eye on Your Environment with CEG

All RLE’s WIFI products enable visibility alarms and advanced controls strategies across enterprise networks across the globe, protecting data centers and all other types of assets in any critical environment. CEG is proud to partner with RLE Technologies to help you protect those assets with remote monitoring, leak detection and airflow solutions.

CONTACT US today to learn more about these new sensors or for help leveraging your existing Wi-Fi network to monitor the environmental conditions of your infrastructure.