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Air Flow Management

Since no two data centers are alike, CEG offers a wide variety of solutions to effectively manage air flow in your critical environment. We improve air flow at all levels – rack, row, floor, and ceiling – by creating effective barriers between cold air supply and hot exhaust. Our solutions result in overall improved infrastructure efficiencies while reducing operating costs. Options range from basic blanking panels to a made-to-order CRAC unit hood to comprehensive aisle containment.

Our relationships with respected manufacturers, coupled with our own internal manufacturing capabilities, allow CEG to offer the most comprehensive and competitive offerings to our reseller partners and end-user clients.

Blanking Panels

Blanking Panels reduce and possibly eliminate bypass air flow in equipment cabinets and enclosures by covering unused rack units (“U”). Proper blanking panel usage has proven to reduce energy consumption while enabling more equipment load to be placed into a given space.

  • Molded plastic “snap in” panels
  • Painted metal
  • Flexible full-length plastic sheets
  • Panels with brush seals that allow for cable pass-through
  • Sizes range from 1U to 44U

Floor Grommets and Brush Seals

Floor Grommets and Brush Seals address bypass air flow or “leakage” from cable and piping cut-outs in raised floor environments. Leakage in a raised floor can significantly reduce subfloor pressure and ultimately reduce the amount of cool air available through data center perforated floor tiles. Oftentimes, adding cooling capacity only adds to the problem.

“Plugging holes” and “Filling gaps” are simpler, and often better alternatives for resolving leakage issues. Floor grommets and brush seals come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Materials used in these products are fire-rated to meet most data center material specifications. 

Foam Sheets, Skirts, and Sealing Tape

Similar to blanking panels, these air flow efficiency products provide airflow improvements in other areas where bypass air flow or “leakage” exists – primarily between racks and in odd-shaped holes or gaps in raised floors. Materials used in these products are fire-rated to meet most data center material specifications.

Underfloor Air Directors

These products are designed specifically for use under a raised-floor to direct cold supply air where it’s needed, as well prevent cold air from entering areas where it’s not needed. The Plenaform® under-floor baffle:

  • Is simple to install
  • Is removable and reusable
  • It fits all raised floor pedestal types
  • Is made from non-conductive Formex® flame retardant polypropylene
  • Simple snap-in plastic rivets enable panels to be fitted together, making it adjustable in height and width.
  • Panels are scored both horizontally and vertically, allowing it to be custom-sized.
  • Cable, piping, and conduit pass-through is accomplished by cutting out small scored areas in the Plenaform material.

For custom applications such as air flow velocity diffusing, CEG can fabricate custom metal diffuser barriers for use in the subfloor around CRAC units or other high-velocity areas.

CRAC Unit Hoods

CEG’s E-Forcer™ CRAC Hood, used in combination with a ceiling plenum, easily and efficiently channels hot exhaust air from the hot aisle into the CRAC units. This process allows for higher return air temperatures to properly load the evaporator coils – yielding more capacity and efficiency. Additionally, with air being drawn from one common plenum, customers benefit from increased redundancy and a more balance thermal load. E-Forcer is made-to-order/spec and can be designed to fit most any data center HVAC.

  • Welded base easily attaches to CRAC unit for simple installation
  • Units ship knock-down for more efficient transport and handling.
  • On-site assembly is easy through use of cage nuts.
  • Variable installation provisions enable easy installation, with access on all four sides or on open sides for units located against a wall.
  • Pre-assembled large filter access door includes “kickstand” door stay for safe and simple maintenance.
  • Duct design fits to the suspended ceiling and not through it, eliminating the need to cut the ceiling grid.
  • Four-piece crown provides up to one inch of individual adjustment ensuring accurate mating of the duct and suspended ceiling.

Aisle Containment

CEG offers Polargy PolarPlexAisle Containment Systems as the most effective air flow management tool for implementing hot aisle containment and cold aisle containment strategies in the data center.

  • Payback typically less than a year
  • Immediately turn off CRAC unit
  • Extend the data center’s life
  • Reduce heat-related failures
  • Increase CRAC unit set points
  • Increase chilled water set points
  • Increase the economizer usage time
  • Allow variable speed fans to run slower
  • Eliminate unnecessary re-humidification
  • Offset costs with utility incentives and rebates

Drop-away Panels

UL-listed for use below sprinkler heads, this unique hot aisle containment and cold aisle containment solution is deployed horizontally across the aisles to create a tight containment barrier. Panels are made of an aluminum frame with a special translucent insert. Panel inserts are designed for use underneath lighting and fire suppression systems and are engineered to drop out of a panel frame in the event of a fire.

Standard Containment Panels

Made of anodized aluminum framing and fire-safe inserts, PolarPlex Containment Panels are lightweight and cost effective. Panels are supported with a tight fitting bracket so that they can be either secured to the rack tops or to the floor. A movable, self-standing panel is available in custom heights and widths. Standard panels are also available as containment stalls that can be used to isolate racks.

Suspended Panel System

The PolarPlex SPS™ is a ceiling-suspended aisle containment solution with an innovative quick connect and quick removal design. This rigid vertical containment system is ideal for hot aisle containment and a great alternative to softwall vinyl curtains. It is rack independent, enabling it to be deployed without being supported by server cabinets.

Adjustable Height Sliding Door

The Polargy P2™ Sliding Door solves the problem of sizing a containment door for varying aisle widths and rack heights. The door is 54 inches wide, enabling it to cover most “four-foot aisles.” And with side extender panels, aisle width coverage expands up to eight feet and an adjustable height ranging from 79-89 inches. The door, along with the side extender panels, is adjustable in height from 79” to 89”.

With this design approach, one door covers 95% of the possible size requirements. This one-size-fits-all design allows doors and panels to be kept in stock, making for lead times of just a few days.

Containment Swing Doors

Polargy PolarPlex Swing Doors are a popular and attractive containment solution for aisle ends. The doors are a double swing type with easy mounting features.

Containment Curtains

PolarPlex Containment Curtains are a highly effective air isolation solution for controlling air flow in the data center. Made of high grade vinyl and installed with Polargy’s trouble-free mounting system, these curtains eliminate hot spots and overcooled zones, thereby saving energy while improving equipment reliability. Fuse links, which let the curtains drop during a fire, are available in approved jurisdictions.

Data Center Cooling

Network switches, lead balances and routers are typically mounted in the back of the cabinet for more convenient cabling connections. Unfortunately, at that location, these devices can be critically damaged when they are fed air that has been preheated by servers.

CEG offers Passive and Active (fan-assisted) device cooling products to address rack-mounted switch cooling issues:

Passive Device Cooling guides cool air to network devices mounted in the rack without the use of fans. This economical solution is ideal for low density environments where heat intensity is modest but still remains a threat.

Active Device Cooling delivers cool air to network devices regardless of where they are mounted in the rack. Available in a wide range of configurations and rack space sizes these products work with 1U to 9U devices and beyond.


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