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CEG offers a full range of solutions that will maintain the recommended air flow, data center temperature and data center humidity levels necessary for reliable equipment performance. Our experts will assess factors such as cooling load, air flow, rack configuration, cable blockages, and deployment of perforated floor tiles, seals, gaskets, and blanking panels.  We also consider CRAC unit placement, outside air infiltration, room envelope openings (vapor barriers), and data center humidity.  From that assessment, we will provide DCIM solutions that will protect mission-critical environments from even the slightest increase in temperature.

CEG’s proven data center infrastructure solutions, along with Aurora – our proprietary temperature monitoring sensor – are essential in safeguarding equipment, ensuring reliability and lowering the total cost of ownership.

Air Flow Management

Historically, facility managers addressed localized hot spots by over-cooling the entire IT environment. But sometimes, the issue is not the level of air conditioning output, but air flow. Blanking panels, cable entry seals, and perforated or grated floor tiles properly located in front of equipment racks are just a few issues that can impact air flow. CEG can identify air flow distribution issues and offer intelligent solutions for fixing the problem without having to adjust the thermostat. CEG is Stocking Distributor for Upsite Technologies

Aisle Containment

Containment systems take two forms – hot aisle containment or cold aisle containment.  The best approach depends on conditions unique to each physical environment. The primary factors CEG’s team of experts will consider:

  • Rack design and density
  • Air flow pressure differentials
  • Data center cooling capacity and total load
  • Potential interference with cable trays, fire suppression or other components in the space
  • Requirements of local building codes

From there, CEG will improve air flow at all levels – rack, row, floor and ceiling – by creating effective barriers between cold air supply and hot exhaust. Tools we use to accomplish this include:

  • Aisle End Doors
  • Blanking Panels
  • CRAC Unit Duct Hoods
  • Floor Grommets and Brush Seals
  • Foam Sheets, Skirts and Sealing Tape
  • Passive Chimney
  • Under Floor Baffle Systems

Data Center Humidity

Understanding your data center humidity is critical for correctly outfitting your environment. Just some of the factors to consider include budget, room size, altitude and available water sources. CEG can help you determine optimal humidity and what system is best suited to your budget and needs.

Data Center Cooling

Servers, storage units and other data center infrastructure require cooling and temperature stability for optimum performance. Precision air conditioning is also important in telecommunication centers, digital switchgear sites, clean rooms, labs, healthcare facilities and many specialized production and storage locations.  Increases or changes in temperature reduces the reliability of internal hardware components, leading to distorted or lost data and even complete system failure.

Our engineers will help determine the cooling methods for protecting your mission-critical applications. We’ll then provide the best solutions achieve that ideal server room temperature.


Aurora is CEG’s proprietary environmental monitoring system that allows you to clearly identify potential cooling or heat issues in real time. It is an extremely accurate wireless monitoring and notification system because it measures air temperature, not surface temperature. The instantaneous feedback provided by Aurora’s temperature monitoring sensors is invaluable when tracking changes or validating best-practices improvement.

Learn more about Aurora Data Center Environmental Monitoring System.


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