Biometric Access Control Systems

Touchless Readers & Speed Gates

Biometric Authentication Solution Satisfies the need for Security, Convenience & Personnel Safety

Unlike other forms of authentication such as passwords or tokens, biometric recognition provides a distinct association between an individual and a claimed identity. CrucialTrak readers combine multiple biometric technologies into one solution, taking advantage of the capabilities of each biometric technology while overcoming the limitations of a single technology.

BACS Key Features

  • Unique micro image and behavior analysis algorithm
  • Self-adjusting tracking system
  • Full connectivity and compatibility with any existing doors and gates
  • Convenient plug and play interface/installation mechanism
  • Fast and seamless bio-authentication
  • Intuitive and comfortable UX
  • Simultaneous touchless fingerprint and palm vein recognition
  • 2D/3D matching face recognition
  • Various and easy options for enrollment
  • Multi-credential verifying options
Biometric Access Control System Quattro


Introducing the world’s first 4-in-1 touchless multi-biometric reader. BACS Quattro combines face, iris, palm vein, and fingerprint authentication into a single integrated unit. This powerful access control system enables customers to heighten security when identity verification is critical. Read Details

Biometric Control Systems - Reader Duo


BACS Duo’s simultaneous 2-factor authentication process combines face and palm vein with an optional RFID reader, for strong and convenient biometric access control. Read Details

Biometric Control System - Reader Duo-S


With seamless integration and compact form factor, the BACS Duo-S is the perfect solution for switching to a biometric access control system. The Duo S combines face and palm vein recognition with RFID capabilities, delivering convenience and security in a compact design. Read Details

Biometric Control System Reader Solo Palm

Solo Palm

The BACS Solo Palm is designed for customers upgrading their current access control system from ordinary card readers to a biometric integrated solution. Solo Palm combines palm vein and RFID, enhancing authentication flexibility and offering a cost-effective and simple migration solution. Read Details

Biometric Control System - Reader - Tube


BACS Tube is the world’s first multi-biometric access control solution for the industrial automation environment. It is an innovative solution for protecting assets using face and iris biometric authentication. Read Details

Biometric Control System - Door Reader Suite

Smartdoor Solution

With dual biometric recognition, BACS Suite is a truly ingenious way to access secured areas with an innovative style. The custom built-in design blends seamlessly with your facility’s desired aesthetic while enhancing your entryway security. Read Details

Biometric Control System SpeedTrak Slim Swing

SpeedTrak Slim Swing

Slim Swing is an extremely compact swinging barrier speed gate with a clear acrylic motorized panel. The thin form factor increases space efficiency and creates an elegant interior design. Read Details

Biometric Control System Reader Gate Roboarm

SpeedTrak RoboArm

Introducing the world’s first robot-arm action technology speed gate. RoboArm’s innovative design includes adjustable joint movement action arms with aluminum anodizing and a stainless-steel motorized panel. Read Details


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