Capacity Planning

CEG combines real-time, best-of-breed environmental monitoring solutions with CFD modeling to provide a complete picture of your critical infrastructure. This greater environmental insight allows for new levels of capacity planning accuracy and the ability to achieve operational goals the first time around.

Environmental Monitoring

Real-time data



CFD Modeling

What-if analysis

Capacity planning

Airflow prediction & optimization scenarios

AC failure analysis

Models can be updated, kept current as changes occur

Next-level Capacity Planning

Improved CFD data analysis by using trended environmental values

Improved what-if scenario results by incorporating real-time values

Improved accuracy = good decision making for growth planning and implementation

Data Center Design

After an assessment is complete, CEG will guide you through all phases of a new data center design while keeping timing and budget top-of-mind. And because of our longstanding relationships with manufacturers, you can be assured we’re well informed about the latest advances in achieving higher reliability and efficiency.

If your critical infrastructure simply needs more space, a modular data center design may be ideal. Modular data centers offer a solid, cost effective option for adding floor space or power and cooling capacity. In situations where time is limited, or other special constraints apply, a modular data center design merits consideration.

End-to-End Critical Infrastructure Support

Build site analysis

Layout and capacity planning

Design build support

Product deployment

Infrastructure retrofit

Design gap analysis

Not all Data Centers are the same. Do YOU know the difference?

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