Capacity Planning

Feasibility & Planning Services to Optimize Space, Capacity, Efficiencies

CEG’s decades of being a trusted advisor to the data center industry gives us a unique and valued perspective on what’s required for successful growth and/or improved efficiency. With our Feasibility and Planning services, you’ll fully understand the risks, availability, and capacity potential of your new, expanded, or remodeled data center.

After an assessment is complete, CEG will assist you with all the planning that’s required to build a new facility or expand or right-size your existing space. We can help you achieve higher reliability and efficiency while keeping timing and budget top-of-mind.

  • Build Site Analysis
  • Layout and Capacity Planning
  • Design Gap Analysis
  • Design Build Support
  • Product Procurement
  • Product Deployment
  • Infrastructure Retrofit


Start-to-finish Capacity Planning ExpertiseAlways Accurate CFD

CEG combines real-time, best-of-breed environmental monitoring solutions with CFD modeling to provide a complete picture of your critical infrastructure. This greater insight allows for new levels of capacity planning accuracy. You’re able to better prepare for and provision the incoming volume and velocity of server, storage, and network equipment, thereby achieving operational goals the first time around.

  • CEG considers utilization and existing capacity of rack space, rack power, UPS power, upstream breaker or panel power, cooling, fiber or data port connectivity at the rack, patch panels, and switches.
  • Utilize real-time data to determine current usage level of the required components. CEG will look to leverage stranded capacity for space, power, and networking.
  • Ensure you’re able to meet all capacity requirements, as well as have available resources in case of a failover situation.
  • Create a plan for provisioning new equipment and assist you in gaining consensus with IT, network, and facilities teams.
  • Use CFD Modeling to ensure accuracy. We’ll create and analyze “what-if” scenarios ranging from high-density deployments to equipment failures.
  • From assessments and planning to procurement and installation, CEG will provide your data center with start-to-finish capacity management support.

Real-time data



What-if analysis

Capacity planning

Airflow prediction & optimization scenarios

AC failure analysis

Models can be updated, kept current as changes occur

Next-level Capacity Planning

Improved CFD data analysis by using trended environmental values

Improved what-if scenario results by incorporating real-time values

Improved accuracy = good decision making for growth planning and implementation

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