Centrica Business Solutions

Centrica’s Power Quality Monitoring solution uses wireless, self-powered sensors to provide insights into how you are using your energy. These insights give you the power to manage your energy consumption, right down to device level, across your entire site.

Hundreds of sensors can be installed in just a few hours – without any disruption to your operations. These sensors provide the data necessary to monitor, measure, report, and understand your electrical energy consumption and asset performance.

What can Power Quality Monitoring do for your business?

Improve operational efficiency

Effective energy management can lead to a better understanding of your productivity, with granular visibility of your operations and processes. Predictive analytics can help your business avoid costly downtime through early detection of equipment failure.

Unlock Value

The intelligence provided by monitoring can help you unlock untold value for your business. Better energy management can free up resources to support growth initiatives. Reducing your energy consumption and lowering your carbon emissions can also help you build a sustainable competitive advantage.

Reduce Business Risk

Power Quality Monitoring can help improve your business resilience by delivering energy intelligence which ensures the continuity of your operations and helps you manage commercial, regulatory and technology risks.

Is Power Quality Monitoring Right for You?

Power Quality Monitoring has been successfully used across virtually every industry sector including:

  • Manufacturing and production facilities
  • Leisure centers and hotels
  • Supermarkets, warehouses and distribution centers
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Universities and schools
  • Commercial real estate