CFD Modeling

CEG's Assessments, CFD Provide the Right Roadmap for Optimization

CEG’s assessments and CFD Modeling capabilities clearly define facility infrastructure and operational issues in your data center, leading to real solutions related to power and cooling capacity, operational reliability, or energy usage. Once we’ve provided you with a roadmap for facility optimization, you can trust that our installation expertise ensures remediation is done right the first time.

Whether you’re designing a new data center, expanding an existing site, or looking to optimize your cooling and airflow for increased capacity or energy efficiency, we recommend you start the planning process off with a CFD study.

Details about room dimensions, equipment, heat loads, cooling systems, etc. are used to create a virtual representation ( baseline model) of your computing environment. The CFD study then predicts airflow patterns, temperatures, and areas of inefficiency throughout the space. CEG uses industry leading CFD software for all our modeling requirements.

Simulate Data Center Cooling & Airflow with CFD Modeling

CEG uses 6SigmaDCX by Future Facilities – the industry’s gold standard in CFD Modeling

Level of Detail – a ‘virtual tour’ that includes above floor, below floor, rack level

Failure Analysis


Best Practices

Capacity Planning/Benchmarking

Containment Modeling and Data Center Design

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Always Accurate CFD with CEG

The Data Center Digital Twin

Upon completion of our CFD study, CEG provides you with a Digital Twin of your space – the most accurate assessment of your data center’s current state and its readiness for future technologies. With our digital twin, you can make informed capacity plans while still maintaining your facility’s flexibility and speed. LEARN MORE

6SigmaDCX by Future Facilities

6SigmaDCX is the industry’s leading suite of data center CFD modeling tools that integrate IT and engineering operations in capacity planning. Simulation technology allows CEG to safely predict the impact of change on a data center’s resilience, physical capacity and cooling efficiency.

From traditional raised-floor spaces to the latest EDGE facilities, 6SigmaDCX helps CEG design best-in-class data centers. And with the suite’s Virtual Facility feature, we can mimic every aspect of a physical data center to explore what-if scenarios without installing any hardware.

Always Accurate CFD

6SigmaDCX’s simulation capabilities allow us to forecast complex space, power, cooling and weight issues that arise during capacity planning, and ensure that your data center is scalable, efficient and resilient.

CEG uses 6SigmaDCX to design cooling units, floor grills, cabinets and containment systems to maximize their performance.

CEG uses 6SigmaDCX to ensure accurate power and cooling attributes when building custom IT or rack configurations. We will also model their impact on your design or operations.

6SigmaDCX’s Virtual Facility serves as a ‘digital twin,’ allowing CEG to fully plan, measure and simulate data center performance before physical deployment.

CEG uses 6SigmaDCX to look beyond the data center. We can model the impact of prevailing winds on external infrastructure such as chillers, cooling towers and generators, and troubleshoot existing data center issues such as hot spots.