Critical Infrastructure Assessments

A critical infrastructure assessment is a vendor-neutral, holistic analysis of a data center or critical environment. It’s designed to provide a client with insight into their data center; identify root causes of constraints or gaps; and recommendations to remediate issues.

CEG’s 30+ years of being a trusted advisor to the data center industry gives us a unique and valued perspective on what’s required for facilities to succeed. Our assessments are your first step in achieving this. CEG’s assessment services include:

  • An end-to-end review of your data center’s current infrastructure, reliability, and points of failure.
  • Identification of key areas of constraint, along with specific recommendations for efficiencies-of-scale today and smart capacity planning tomorrow.
  • A roadmap for remediation that will positively impact facility PUE and CUE.

CEG’s Data Center Optimization Assessments

Data Center layout and design

Physical room analysis

Data Center Space Optimization

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD Modeling)

Capacity Benchmarking

Power infrastructure

Power utilization efficiency study

Thermal Load Analysis

Conditioned air flow

Energy incentive services

Redundancy and Failure Analysis

Environmental monitoring

Data and low-voltage cabling infrastructure

Security profile

Remote access and control


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