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When you’re seeking to identify and implement the optimal product solutions for the key power components in a data center, computer room or other mission critical environment, CEG can help.


Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

When regular power is interrupted and generator power is not available, your UPS takes over and provides temporary backup power from a stored power source such as batteries or a flywheel.  Many UPS units also provide ongoing power conditioning – minimizing the impact of sags, surges, spikes and other disturbances in the current flowing into your racks.

CEG’s UPS solutions include:

                • Modular/Scalable UPS
                • Parallel UPS
                • Network Rack and Tower UPS
                • Battery-Free UPS (flywheel)
                • Lithium-ion Batteries

Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

CEG can provide vertical and horizontal rack-mounted PDU units in a range of complexity and features – from a basic strip to a highly customized one which can be used for monitoring, metering and power load balancing. We also offer large-scale PDUs housed in cabinets that can provide power to a server row, multiple rows or even an entire room.

CEG will help determine your specific requirements – form factors, power density, outlet and plug configurations, redundancy, support, and management features – and provide a PDU solution that best fits your needs.

Power Conditioning 

Case Study - Saving power in the data centerYou can achieve the highest levels of energy and maintenance savings with CEG’s newest Power Conditioning Solutions. From power quality monitoring to energy balancing and surge protection to harmonics reduction, we can deliver REAL energy savings in a matter of months. 

  • Power Quality Monitoring
  • The Powerhouse
  • Harmonics Energy Filters

Power Distribution Busway

An overhead busway system is a key component in planning a highly adaptable data center environment. It is also a significant improvement over traditional under floor wiring, long conduit runs, and other legacy design concepts. CEG will make sure that your busway system:

  • Is flexible, scalable, and reliable.
  • Meets or exceeds the demands and thermal requirements of a high density data center.
  • Allows for changes to be made without any interruptions

If you are looking to improve performance or reduce cost in an existing environment, it’s vital to gather as much information as possible to make an informed assessment of issues and opportunities. The Data Center Experts at CEG have seen hundreds of mission critical environments and work daily with the physical infrastructure components in these facilities.  We are the ideal choice of partner to help you at every stage of a data center’s life cycle.

Power & Facility Monitoring Solutions

Power is now the single largest operational cost in an IT facility. Economic conditions and regulatory developments now necessitate data center managers to know the efficiency and usage of their IT equipment and supporting infrastructure. CEG’s power monitoring solutions provide the alerting, data visualization and reporting necessary to effectively manage a data center.

Rack Power Management Software

Fully leverage your investment by gaining control and insight into your PDU deployments. With our Rack Power Management Software, users can:

  • Administer, monitor, manage and control rack power consumption from anywhere
  • User defined groups to manage and report specific usage (chargeback, load balance, etc.)
  • Activity logging and restorable history for operational accountability and reporting

Branch Circuit Protection

Branch circuit protection is an electrical safety feature and requirement for protecting IT equipment (and other electrical loads) as defined by the NEC and UL, specifically UL60950-1 which requires that all IT equipment placed in the data center be equipped with branch circuit protection.  In a rack PDU, input power is typically broken down into multiple segments.  Segments of a circuit where current is limited by a fuse or circuit breaker is referred to as a branch circuit.

We offer Branch Circuit Monitoring Systems that provide extensive monitoring information on branch circuits in PDU subfeeds, panelboards, main feeds to panelboards, and individual branch circuits.

Facility and Multi-Site Consumption Management

Facility and multi-site consumption management is a combination of hardware and software that enables the remote administration, monitoring and management of power consumption in data centers and remote sites.  We offer solutions from a number of best-in-class partners and can match the right solution based on the user’s unique or specific needs.

Transfer Switches

Transfer switching is an essential component in the design of an emergency or standby power system. This device rapidly transfers the load from one power source to an alternate – automatically without any disruptions. CEG’s transfer switches are rugged and rock solid in their reliability, with the capacity to perform this critical function quickly and efficiently.


Sizing, fuel type, run time, and installation location are all factors CEG will take into account when helping you select the appropriate unit or units for a critical environment.

Additional Power Chain Components

CEG offers the equipment, expertise and support that round out a power system and are vital to ensuring its effectiveness and reliability.

  • Switchgear
  • Transformers
  • Inverters
  • Power Conditioning
  • Remote Power Panels
  • Branch Circuit Monitoring
  • Surge Protection

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