UPS Lithium-ion Batteries

While the initial cost of lithium-ion batteries is more than traditional valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries, their many long-term benefits make them a smart choice for data centers and critical facilities of all sizes.

The most common benefit CEG's customers cite for making the switch to lithium-ion is their longer service life. IT professionals can easily deploy lithium-ion UPSs without the maintenance and refresh challenges typically associated with traditional lead acid batteries. The extended battery life enables users to align their UPS refresh cycles with the rest of IT stack, saving the time and money that would be spent on labor and battery replacement. This “set it and forget it” value proposition is especially appealing to edge environments or anywhere operations are critical yet IT resources are constrained.


UPS Lithium-ion Battery Benefits

Lower total cost of ownership

70% smaller and 60% lighter

Higher cycle counts than previous technologies

More runtime in a smaller footprint with no need for Extermal Battery Modules (EBMs).

Reduced cooling costs

Fewer replacements over the life of the UPS, eliminating the risk of downtime due to battery replacement.

Features to Compare Between Various Energy Storage Systems


Power Density


Weight Savings

Cycle Count


Initial Cost

Total Cost of Ownership

Operating Temperature

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