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Saving Power in the Data Center

Realize up to a 15% energy savings, increased availability and equipment
longevity with facility-wide power conditioning.

Learn how much these industry leaders are saving.

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Today’s UPS systems are achieving 97-98% efficiency, and experts agree there isn’t much more we can do to get greater efficiency in the UPS design. Does this mean we’ve saved all the power we’re going to save? Absolutely not! We’re just getting started.

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Protection against those Blips, Sags, Surges and Spikes

Most associate power conditioning with the IT load and only the IT load. Power conditioning can actually correct power factor and anomalies for all electrical systems – mechanical, lighting, security communication, etc. Conditioning power across the entire data center helps users ride through blips, sags, surges and spikes while improving the resiliency and longevity of all infrastructure.

See for Yourself

From engine manufacturing to one of the largest ice cream plants in the world, our case studies demonstrate how power conditioning can improve efficiency, reduce energy demand, and improve resiliency and availability for any type of facility in any type of industry!

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