Data Center Power & Cooling Optimization

EkkoSense - Redefining Data Center Power & Cooling Optimization



With immersive software, innovative sensors and expert thermal services, EkkoSense gives you the ability to monitor, manage and maximize the power and cooling infrastructure of your critical data center environment.

With ultra low-cost wireless sensors and intuitive 3D visualizations, the EkkoSoft Critical software and Critical Things sensor technology make the immersive real-time thermal and power monitoring of data centers a reality.

Immersive Real-time Thermal & Power Monitoring

EkkoSoft Critical combines the latest visualization techniques and granular levels of IoT sensors to provide data center teams the most intuitive, insightful platform in the industry.

  • Simple to deploy & easy to use
  • Immersive interface with real-time monitoring and alerting
  • Estate-wide dashboard for site performance comparisons
  • Unique AI-based cooling analytics
  • Intuitive M&E capacity planning
  • Cooling Advisor and autonomous control to drive energy savings


Unique Sensor Technologies for Data Center Optimization

The Critical Things family of sensors and integration capabilities disrupts traditional cost models for monitoring to make real-time thermal management of data centers a reality.

  • IoT-enabled family of wireless thermal sensors
  • Ultra low-cost sensors with 5 year battery life
  • Unique cooling duty meter to show cooling utilization for any CRAC/AHU
  • Integration with third-party BMS and power logging systems
  • Secure, encrypted data transmission
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