Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring for Critical Facilities, Data Centers

CEG provides customers with a cost effective approach for environmental monitoring over the network. Our solutions allow you to monitor airflow, humidity, temperature, pressure, and many other environmental conditions either remotely (wireless) or onsite (wired).

From network closets to server rooms to entire data centers CEG’s Environmental Monitoring solutions will provide all the insight you need to:

  • Optimize your IT ecosystem
  • Ensure you are meeting equipment guidelines
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Defer capital investments
  • Improve your power usage effectiveness (PUE).

Benefits of Environmental Monitoring

  • Ensure uptime by monitoring racks for potential hot spots
  • Set thresholds and alerts to monitor onsite or remote facilities
  • Save on cooling by confidently raising data center temperatures
  • Identify wasted or misdirected airflow
  • Verify the effects of containment systems and other air handling efficiency efforts
  • Improve data center availability by receiving environment alerts
  • Monitor compliance with industry standards

Why Environmental Sensors?

  • Sensors can help prevent overcooling, undercooling, electrostatic discharge, corrosion, and short circuits.
  • Sensors help organizations to reduce operational costs, defer capital expenditures, improve uptime, and increase capacity for future growth.
  • Sensors provide environmental monitoring and alert managers to potential problems like the presence of water, smoke, and open cabinet doors.
  • Sensors can save you up to four percent in energy costs for every degree of upward change in the baseline temperature, known as a set point.

Source: Gartner


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