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Cabinets & Enclosures

At CEG, we take into account a broad range of conditions and factors to identify the rack system best suited to meet your requirements. Our engineers will take into account a data center’s unique cable management and air flow issues, security and monitoring needs, and seismic and density requirements – all while considering the codes and recommendations published by applicable government entities and industry organizations.

CEG data center cabinets and enclosuresHigh Density Rack Enclosures

Our CEG Ultimate Core family of sturdy, scalable structures is designed to meet the challenges of today’s complex environments. Our cabinets include many user-friendly features based on design suggestions from our top customers and consist of fully welded steel frame available in a number of standard sizes and a number of accessory options such as PDUs, UPS’, KVM switches, LCD consoles and monitoring sensors.

Network and Distribution Racks

Ultimate Core Network and Distribution cabinets enable high densities of copper or fiber cabling as well as the stability and strength needed to house today’s large network infrastructure routers and switches. We offer different designs to accommodate multiple cabling requirements or special constraints.

Specialty and Custom Racks

Open frame racks are ideal for network or distribution applications in just about any IT environment. These racks are designed with vendor-neutral square hole/cage nut mounting for guaranteed compatibility with all EIA-310-D compliant 19” equipment.

Cabinet Accessories

We offer a comprehensive line of vertical and horizontal cable management products for use in our line of Ultimate Core and partner enclosure systems. Just a few of these accessories include detachable front doors, locks, gauge label indicators, and cable egresses. In addition to our standard offerings, we can provide custom solutions to accommodate almost any application whether it be for copper, fiber, or power within the cabinet structure or overhead.

Seismic Zone 4 Cabinets

Tested and certified by an independent testing laboratory to exceed the NEBS Zone 4 requirements, CEG’s Seismic Zone 4 cabinets provide maximum durability thanks to their welded steel frame construction reinforced with a heavy gauge steel sub-frame and perforated doors with stiffener channels.

Media Storage and Transportation

CEG manufacturers a comprehensive line of high-quality media storage products that maximize storage capacity and recovers valuable data center floor space. Our innovative turnkey solutions are all designed to safely store, identify and protect your media.

Media Storage Tape Racks

Data center floor space is the most valuable real estate in the country. Maximize your storage capacity by utilizing either one of our traditional racks, drive-top staging racks, and/or a cartrisel.


Flex-Pak media storage units fit into most manufacturers’ steel tape racks, and are user-configurable for many media types being used today. CEG also offers removable 20-pack unites for mainframe and ½” tapes.

Thermal Containment Systems

Containment systems take two forms – hot aisle or cold aisle.  The best approach depends on conditions unique to each physical environment. The primary factors CEG’s team of experts will consider:

  • Rack design and density
  • Air flow pressure differentials
  • Cooling capacity and total load
  • Potential interference with cable trays, fire suppression or other components in the space
  • Requirements of local building codes

From there, CEG will improve airflow at all levels – rack, row, floor and ceiling – by creating effective barriers between cold air supply and hot exhaust. Tools and products we use to accomplish this include:

  • Aisle End Doors
  • Blanking Panels
  • Crac Duct Hoods
  • Floor Grommets and Brush Seals
  • Foam Sheets, Skirts and Sealing Tape
  • Passive Chimney
  • Under Floor Baffle Systems

Data Center Products

In a well-designed critical environment, precision power and cooling equipment, as well as monitoring tools and software interact effectively to collect data, maintain control, easily implement changes, ensure reliability, and realize the lowest possible energy costs. In order to maximize the investment made in the data center, additional tools and products designed to protect major assets are necessary.

CEG offers a host of other devices and solutions for outfitting a mission-critical environment.

Power Chain Components

CEG offers the equipment, expertise and support that round out a power system and are vital to ensuring its effectiveness and reliability.

  • Switchgear
  • Transformers
  • Inverters
  • Power Conditioning
  • Remote Power Panels
  • Branch Circuit Monitoring
  • Surge Protection

Protective Products – Ceiling Leak and Contaminant Control

Providing protection from dirt, dust and leaking water in your mission critical environment may not be your highest priority, but it is a problem that warrants attention.   The team at CEG will help you select products to allow your valuable equipment to run without impairment and to keep your invaluable information safe.

Modular Data Center Solutions

Modular data centers offer a solid, cost effective option for adding floor space or power and cooling capacity. They can be procured and placed in service more rapidly than if you are building or adding expansion space with traditional construction methods. In situations where time is limited, or other special constraints apply, these modular solutions merit consideration.

Structured Cabling

Cabling is an essential backbone element in every data center. Structured cabling solutions are designed to support and enhance the operation of the systems and applications on which your organization relies. Our pre-terminated cabling solutions provide high performance, trouble-free connectivity, a solid routing system, and an organizing tool to maximize current and future efficiencies.

net-Lock Cable Components


CEG’s net-Lock Product Line was devised to solve a major problem in today's data centers: Accidental and Unauthorized Disconnects. The revolutionary design allows the strain relief boot to receive a key to prevent the retention clip from being depressed – thus solving the problems of accidental disconnects. Learn more

Physical Security

Cameras, sensors, and access control devices to provide infrastructure security are a small, but important element in most critical environments.  CEG will help determine what types of security measures the best fit for your unique circumstances and needs.


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