Leak Detection

Leak Detection for Critical Facilities, Data Centers

A data center cannot afford a fluid leak of any kind. In fact, water leaks alone are the second most common cause of data loss, right behind electrical failure. A fluid leak could happen at any time and could come from anywhere – a leaky pipe or roof, humidifier, clogged drain, etc.

How do you protect your facility from these possible fluid leaks? Just as you have critical power safeguards in place, you need a leak detection system that will prevent the worst-case scenario. But no two leak detection applications are alike. That’s why CEG offers a variety of leak detection controllers, as well as rope, spot, conductive and chemical-sensing cables.


Zone Controlled Leak Detection Controllers

Single zone leak detection controllers monitor one defined area of installed sensing cable or a combination of spot detectors and sensing cable. Multi-zone leak detection controllers have multiple inputs that accommodate sensing cable or spot detectors and can detect leaks in several defined areas or zones.

Zone leak detection is ideal for small, contained spaces, or for open areas where the path of a potential leak cannot be clearly defined.


Distance-read Leak Detection Controllers

Distance-read leak detection controllers are supervised systems that continuously monitor a length of cable for continuity and leaks. When a cable break, contamination, or leak is detected, the module calculates and annunciates the distance to the leak. This distance can then be cross-referenced with a cable reference map, or immediately located by accessing an interactive map in the leak detection appliance’s web interface.

Distance-read systems are well suited for hidden areas where the location of a leak is difficult to visually identify, and applications that require leaks to be pinpointed quickly and accurately.


CEG’s Leak Detection Cabling

Durable – manufactured with an abrasion-resistant polymer core, increasing strength and durability. Definitely stands up to foot traffic!

Flexible – easily bends around corners and wraps around pipes, resisting bends and kinks.

Resists False Alarms – engineered to resist contamination and constructed from non-conductive polymers, eliminating false alarms!

Quick to Install – each end of the cable contains mating connectors – this makes it easy to install new systems and to add lengths of cable to existing systems.

Easy to Clean – when it’s visibly dirty, clean it quickly with dish soap or rubbing alcohol. No special cleaners or cleaning systems required.

Fast Drying – gently wipe the cable dry, and it’s ready to detect the next leak.


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