Critical Environments Group
net-Lock Cable Components

CEG’s net-Lock Product Line was devised to solve a major problem in today's data centers: Accidental and Unauthorized Disconnects. The revolutionary design allows the strain relief boot to receive a key to prevent the retention clip from being depressed – thus solving the problems of accidental disconnects. Butterfly Keys are available for lower risk environments, whereas alternatively, Tamper Resistant Keys prevent unauthorized access by requiring a removal tool to extract.

CATx Patch Cords


This revolutionary boot is designed to receive locking keys for added security. The secured key is hand releasable, while the key lock requires a tool to disengage.

Retrofittable net-Lock options


The retrofittable net-Lock is a two-piece strain relief designed to snap onto any existing cabling; saving and preventing downtime and extensive labor costs.

LC Fiber Jumpers


CEG responds to the demand of our customers for superior Layer1 port access with the new Locking Fiber LC Solution. net-Lock LC Fiber Jumpers are available with AFOP LC Connectors, Senko LC Connectors, and Corning Factory and Field Terminated LC Connectors. CEG’s net-Lock LC Jumpers are equipped with the function to receive a locking key. Two styles of keys are available and serve to protect connections and prevent security breaches.

Locking-style Fiber SC Connectors


This patented solution for avoiding accidental disconnects is compatible with SC duplex passive and active ports, as well as SC simplex all ports. The simplex construction secures against inadvertent disconnects; and the duplex construction secures against unauthorized disconnects. Both have a slim line and low-profile footprint. And both are guaranteed to have zero impact on fiber performance – additional security without hindering original alignment.