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New Tech News – Vertiv Geist Combination Outlet C13/C19

By Elizabeth Peichel | Jul 27, 2021

Vertiv combines the C13 and C19 outlets into one, supporting both C14 and C20 plug types. Vertiv has stepped up its critical power game with a rack Power Distribution Unit (rPDU) that features a patented Combination Outlet C13 / C19 option that supports C14 and C20 plug types. This new option should significantly reduce the complexity…

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Rack-based Cooling Provides Flexibility, Efficiency for Edge Environments

By Elizabeth Peichel | Jun 26, 2021

Server rooms and network closets are getting smaller as companies continue to experience growth at the edge and seek to maximize every square inch of space. With critical IT equipment housed in increasingly compact footprints, cooling has become a growing challenge for operators and a priority for solution providers. Rack-based cooling is a favorable cooling…

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New Tech News – Raritan Smart Rack Controller

By Elizabeth Peichel | Jun 3, 2021

Intelligent Management of Environmental and Security Information in Mission-critical Facilities In the current data center landscape, effective infrastructure management and environmental monitoring go hand in hand. The industry is in complete agreement that real-time data about a facility’s airflow, power consumption, fluid leaks, etc., is vital for ensuring uptime and efficiency. However, many mission-critical facility…

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New Tech News – RLE Wi-Fi Environmental Sensors

By Elizabeth Peichel | May 4, 2021

New Wi-Fi Sensor Options allow for easy deployment, immediate insight into any facility. The need to monitor spaces and environmental conditions within a facility is more important than ever, and demand for that capability has gone way beyond data centers. RLE Technologies is addressing this need with new sensor options that capitalize on the fact…

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CEG Airflow Best Practices Featured in Engineered Systems Magazine

By Elizabeth Peichel | Apr 30, 2021

CEG in the news! In the November, 2020 issue of Engineered Systems Magazine, CEG and Upsite Technologies shared their best practices for managing airflow at the room level without busting your budget. “While data center cooling is a science in its own right and can be quite complex, it can be boiled down to what…

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New Tech News – Schneider Electric Galaxy VL UPS

By Elizabeth Peichel | Apr 27, 2021

Galaxy VL is the most compact 3-phase UPS in its class. Scalability and environmentally conscious features make it a smart choice for data centers, industrial facilities. The universe isn’t the only celestial entity that’s continuously expanding! Schneider Electric’s Galaxy of critical power solutions is also growing with its recent introduction of the most compact three-phase…

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Essential Steps to Prepare Your Business for a Prolonged Power Outage

By Elizabeth Peichel | Apr 21, 2021

It’s that time again. From hurricanes to heat waves, some of the most volatile months of weather are fast approaching and the forecast is clear: businesses must prepare now to ensure they remain productive and operational. While a power outage of any length can be disruptive to operations, having a plan to address long-term power…

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Thinking about a Data Center Career? Your Future’s never been Brighter!

By Mike McClain | Mar 23, 2021

Here at CEG we’re celebrating International Data Center Day because we’re passionate about this industry. While we’re incredibly proud to be a part of this industry’s explosive growth, we’re equally concerned about its future. The industry of data and specifically data centers, has become the “new steel” or “new oil.” Data centers were integral and…

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UPS Systems for Ensuring Power in 911 Call Centers

By Elizabeth Peichel | Mar 15, 2021

Li-ion, Flywheel UPS Systems Provide Seamless Emergency Power that’s Efficient, Environmentally Friendly. When the phrase ‘mission-critical environment’ is used, it’s most often referring to a data center. But the reality is there are many other environments out there that can be considered just as critical. Municipal service facilities such as 911 call centers or emergency…

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Consider Li-ion, Flywheel UPS Systems for Ensuring Power in Smaller Medical Facilities

By Elizabeth Peichel | Mar 3, 2021
CEG provides UPS for smaller medical facilities

When the phrase ‘mission-critical environment’ is used, it’s most often referring to a data center. But the reality is that there are many other environments out there that are just as, if not more, critical. Medical facilities are an excellent example of this. While healthcare facilities of all sizes will have some type of emergency…

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