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Webinar | Managing Airflow at the Raised Floor Level

By Elizabeth Peichel | Jul 17, 2020
managing airflow at the raised floor level

Join CEG & RLE Technologies on July 30 to discuss data center containment best practices that don’t bust your budget. Date: Thursday, July 30, 2020 Time: 11:00am EDT / 9:00am MDT When using raised floors in data centers, there are many standard considerations that go into selecting the proper floor system: type of support structure…

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Article – Rack Level Airflow Management Best Practices

By Rob Huttemann | Jul 16, 2020
data center rack airflow management

*This article originally appeared in Mission Critical Magazine as Part One of our four-part series on Containment Best Practices. Click here to read more.  In a reality where cabinet densities are rising — with recent research stating upwards of 10 kW per rack, on average — increasing energy efficiency and keeping operating costs down in…

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How to Choose the Right PDU

By Elizabeth Peichel | Jul 6, 2020
Power Distribution Units for Data Centers

A PDU (Power Distribution Unit) controls and distributes power to computers, servers and networking devices within an IT environment. Almost every equipment rack used to store compute, storage or network equipment requires a rack mounted PDU to distribute power. But, if you’re new to the industry or are unfamiliar with electrical power distribution systems, selecting…

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New Tech News – Sunbird Releases New Version of DCIM Software

By Elizabeth Peichel | Jul 2, 2020

Set and Monitor Thresholds of Inlet Line Amps & Rack PDU Outlet Circuit Breaker Loads to Improve Data Center Uptime. Sunbird’s newest version of its Power IQ® Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software provides the information and controls you need to fully utilize your existing infrastructure resources while alerting you to trouble before it causes…

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[VIDEO] Lesser Known Row Airflow Management Best Practices

By Elizabeth Peichel | Jun 30, 2020
CEG Data Center Airflow Managment

When discussing airflow management at the Row level, many people quickly navigate to containment, and for good reason. In many ways, it is the most impactful solution that you can implement at this level. But as we’ve previously discussed, Row airflow management is more than just containment. There are other areas in the Row that need…

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New Tech News – Eaton Introduces Power Infrastructure Monitoring for SMBs

By Elizabeth Peichel | Jun 24, 2020
CEG Eaton Data Center Solutions

VPM Essential provides users with power management capabilities in a simplified interface for a competitive price. Earlier this spring, Eaton launched the newest version of its Visual Power Manager (VPM) software, VPM Essential. The new offering delivers the comprehensive remote power monitoring capabilities IT and data center professionals rely on in a self-installable, subscription-based license…

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New Tech News – Powerlok PDU from Upsite Technologies

By Elizabeth Peichel | Jun 18, 2020
CEG PDU for data center

Greater Reliability, Advanced Functionality and an Overall Higher Standard for Rack PDUs in Mission Critical Facilities Upsite Technologies is raising the standard of rack power distribution with the introduction of PowerLok®.  With automated soldering from line input to each receptacle, PowerLok eliminates all mechanical connections. This unique improvement makes it 270% less likely to fail…

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Power Distribution Units 101

By Elizabeth Peichel | Jun 17, 2020
Power Distribution Units for Data Centers

What is a PDU and what Kind do I Need? A Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is a device meant for controlling electrical power in a data center. PDUs can manage and control energy consumption in everything from small IT environments to a large, critical infrastructure. A PDU can help eliminate downtime, increase efficiency, and monitor…

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New Tech News – RLE Introduces Raised Floor Panels with Wireless Environmental Monitoring

By Elizabeth Peichel | Jun 10, 2020
Data Center Raised Floor Panels

The RFM (Raised Floor Monitoring) combines two of RLE’s most popular products, a Triad solid steel floor panel and WiNG wireless sensors, to provide a solution that helps data centers seamlessly monitor conditions in an existing raised floor environment. Ideal for differential pressure and airflow monitoring, RFM Panels keep reliable, quality monitoring tucked safely within…

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Touchless Biometric Access Control Solutions for IT Environments, Commercial Facilities

By Elizabeth Peichel | Jun 4, 2020
CEG Biometric Access Control Solution

CrucialTrak, a global designer and manufacturer of biometric access control systems, recently announced that it will partner with Critical Environments Group (CEG) to market and sell its complete line of biometric readers and access gates. CEG is a leading provider of data center and IT environment infrastructure optimization solutions. Brett Mason, CrucialTrak’s Director of Channel…

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