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New Tech News – Wireless Facility Monitoring System

By Elizabeth Peichel | Mar 18, 2020

Introducing WiNG – RLE’s New Wireless Monitoring Solution After three years of research and development, RLE Technologies has introduced a wireless monitoring solution to the critical environment industry. WiNG is part of RLE’s Falcon family of facility monitoring products. It’s a complete system of sensors, gateway manager, and range extenders that will monitor the entire…

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Did You Miss Our Airflow Containment Webinar?

By Elizabeth Peichel | Mar 16, 2020

If you weren’t able to attend our March 5 webinar with Chatsworth Products, you’re in luck! Catch the replay here and learn why ‘Now is the Prime Time for Airflow Containment.’ This webinar is the first in CEG’s four-part series on ways to achieve your efficiency goals by focusing on the “4 Rs” of containment –…

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New Tech News – 24″ wide Adjustable Rack Gap Panel

By Elizabeth Peichel | Mar 13, 2020

Upsite adds a 24” wide Adjustable Rack Gap Panel to AisleLok Solution A 24” wide adjustable rack gap panel is the latest addition to Upsite’s AisleLok Modular Containment Solution. Designed to seal off gaps between IT racks, such as those created by missing 24″ cabinets or building support columns, this new offering is an ideal…

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The Data Center never gets a Sick Day – not even for Coronavirus

By Mike McClain | Mar 11, 2020

Technology Partners need to do our part in keeping you healthy, safe. The coronavirus outbreak has U.S. companies starting to shutter offices, restrict nonessential travel and send workers home to telecommute. While this may be helpful to guard against further spread of the disease, those working in a data center don’t have the option to…

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New Tech News – Galaxy VS UPS

By Elizabeth Peichel | Mar 8, 2020

CEG offers Schneider Electric Galaxy VS UPS, now with Internal Smart Battery Modules Schneider Electric’s Galaxy VS UPS has received an upgrade!  The 10-50kW UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) now comes with internal smart battery modules – a first for Schneider Electric’s systems. This should lead to improved availability and flexibility when compared to the Galaxy…

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CEG Authors Data Center Containment Article for Mission Critical Magazine

By Elizabeth Peichel | Mar 3, 2020

In a reality where cabinet densities are rising — with recent research stating upwards of 10 kW per rack, on average — increasing energy efficiency and keeping operating costs down in data centers has never been so relevant or so challenging. CEG’s Rob Huttemann and Chatsworth Products‘ Tom Cabral recently authored an article on this…

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Now is the Prime Time for Airflow Containment Webinar

By Elizabeth Peichel | Feb 26, 2020

Rack densities continue to rise. Increasing energy efficiency and keeping operating costs down has never been so relevant—yet challenging. The good news is that redirecting heat through airflow containment won’t bust your budget. Join CEG’s Rob Huttemann and Chatsworth Product‘s Tom Cabral on March 5 as we discuss affordable best practices for rack-level containment. Learn…

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CEG Participates in AFCOM Leaders Lab for Edge Computing Planning and Implementation

By Elizabeth Peichel | Feb 24, 2020

CEG’s Andrew Graham joins industry thought leaders driving innovation, education, and advancement of data center technologies. Their work culminates with whitepaper to be presented at Data Center World 2020. CEG is pleased to announce that its Director of Data Center Solutions, Andrew Graham, recently had the honor of participating in an AFCOM Leaders Lab. A…

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Cable Management Best Practices for Data Centers and Server Rooms

By Elizabeth Peichel | Feb 14, 2020

Proper cable management will do more for your system than just keeping you organized. Managing your server rack cables effectively helps improve airflow and cooling efficiency, enhances system performance, and increases availability for maintenance and scalability. Here are a few cable management best practices to implement in your data center, server room or IT closet…

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CEG Interviewed for Mission Critical Magazine Podcast

By Elizabeth Peichel | Jan 27, 2020
CEG interviewed by Mission Critical Magazine

CEG was honored to be interviewed by Mission Critical Magazine for its podcast The Thought Cloud. Andrew Graham talks about curtailing energy consumption in the mission critical industry by implementing technologies that also improve resiliency. Listen now to find out more about containment and airflow management and how power conditioning can be added to the…

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