Out-of-Band Access Control

Remote Server Access: KVM, Serial

Today’s IT environments exist in a complex web of systems and locations that can be difficult to manage. Deploying IT devices, managing operations of disperse IT locations without local staff, and providing both secure and non-secure working environments are a few of the hurdles IT staff face – in addition to assuring uptime of IT systems and managing costs.

Fortunately, whether your critical environment is a server room, test lab or data center, CEG has a remote server access solution engineered to meet your needs.

KVM Switches

CEG provides a variety of KVM-over-IP Switches that leverage today’s Ethernet and TCP/IP networks to provide anytime/anywhere remote access, control and management. Utilizing advanced security and regardless of operating system, KVM-over-IP products allow you to remotely control all your servers/CPU's - including pre-boot functions such as editing CMOS settings and power cycling your servers.

Serial Console Servers

Serial console servers, also known as terminal servers, provide IT and network administrators secure, serial-over-IP access and control of serial devices — anytime, anywhere.

While KVM is specifically for controlling computers, a console server can access devices with RS-232 serial ports. These are designed to work with "headless" devices such as routers, LAN switches, UNIX and Linux servers, firewalls, power distribution units, uninterruptible power supply systems, and storage systems.


Which Remote Access Solution is Right for You?

Which device best suits your needs depends on what equipment you need to control. In general, the choice between KVM and serial management has to do with the customer and how they want to manage the equipment and whether the device to be managed has serial or KVM ports. While one may offer all of the functions you need, you may need more than one device to handle all of your computers and electronics.

Need help picking the right one? Contact CEG today to discuss the best option for you.

CEG offers Raritan KVM-over-IP





CEG offers Vertiv Serial Consoles



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