Security and Environmental Monitoring

APC’s NetBotz intelligent edge architecture enables the integration of a number of monitoring devices with diverse protocols into a single management platform. The result is a predictive, preventative monitoring solution that provides the advance warning necessary to prevent small issues from becoming big disasters, while increasing uptime, product life cycle and resource efficiency.


The NetBotz system offers a long list of features and benefits:

  • Customizable input contacts monitor conditions from external devices
  • Customizable output relays control output from external devices
  • Access monitoring to detect access by unauthorized personnel via door switches
  • Environmental Monitoring to prevent equipment failure from a full range of threatening conditions
  • Surveillance including detection and recording of motion, allowing a visual record to be paired with an access or environmental alert, which speeds root cause analysis
  • Real time fault notification to reduce response times in critical physical infrastructure situations and to help IT administrators to reduce mean time to repair, improve efficiency, and maximize uptime
  • Adjustable customizable threshold definitions (multiple thresholds per sensor, scheduling, severity levels)
  • Customized escalation policies with alerts managed according to your policies and received in multiple formats
  • Browser access to the user interface from anywhere on a secure network
  • Event-driven video storage, prompted by motion or alert
  • User-selectable password protection, authorized against LDAP and Active Directory servers
  • Integrates with InfraStruXure Central
  • Advanced View client application with historic alerts, graphs, and configuration.
  • Enterprise management system compatible

A range of appliances, monitoring devices and accessories are available.

NetBotz Rack Mount 570

The NetBotz 570 supports up to 4 external camera pods, 12 sensor pods and up to 78 Universal Sensors. It offers premium security and environmental monitoring over the network. NetBotz 570 is commonly installed in medium and large data centers.

NetBotz 455

The NetBotz 455 offers wall-mount and rack-mount monitoring for up to 18 external sensors and 2 cameras. It is commonly installed in server rooms and small data centers.

Room Monitor NetBotz 355/356

The NetBotz Room Monitor Model 355 (with POE injector) and Model 356 (without POE injector) units are commonly installed in network closets and server rooms. The NetBotz 300 series offers great value for security and environmental monitoring over the network.