AquaTray is a waterproof ceiling leak control system constructed with interconnecting tubing that captures and safely drains away overhead fluid leaks.

AquaTray is engineered, designed and tested for proven, reliable product performance. It is ideal as a permanent installation to protect against a data center leak or in other critical facilities that cannot tolerate the damage or downtime associated with fluid leaks. AquaTray is equipped to handle 24 x 7 x 365 unattended leak protection.


Features of Aqua Tray:

  • Made from fire resistant class 1A materials
  • Suitable for permanent ceiling installations
  • Pre-engineered system easily installs in a new or existing standard 15/16” (or larger) T-grid ceiling
  • Arrange in any configuration of trays in a ceiling grid for large area coverage or small selective coverage
  • Bulkhead fittings and interconnecting tubing at tray channels are able to be field installed to any panel configuration
  • 3” Deep channels around the perimeter of each interconnected ceiling tray provide a maximum flow capacity at a minimum of developed weight
  • System is supplied complete with all AquaTray accessories up to but not including the final drain riser piping
  • Compatible with standard leak detection sensor wire or point detectors
  • Available as a leak kit ready to install in your facility if a localized leak occurs

Aqua Tray System Components:

  • Trays (flat “polar” white – matte textured finish)
  • 2’x4’ ceiling drainage trays
  • AquaTray Accessories: bulkhead fittings (with nut and gasket), interconnecting clear drain tubing, clamps, flashing tape and T-Grid flashing boots.