Asset VUE

Asset VUE solution highlights:

    • Data integration with virtually any DCIM tool
    • Passive RFID data center equipment tracking
    • Predefined, customizable manufacturers list to ensure uniform data collection
    • Granular audit tracking
    • Advanced reporting capability including a full complement of prepackaged reports and a customer reporting engine
    • Ability to manage multiple data centers
    • Full asset collision control
    • Dynamic rack elevations
    • Customizable labels to match existing tools
    • Full IT Asset bar code tracking via portals with e-mail, text, and ability to trigger work tickets

What is Asset VUE™?

Asset VUE™ offers an asset management software system for data centers. Because it’s designed around the use of radio frequency identification (RFID), Asset VUE makes it easy to tag, track and inventory all data center equipment. Asset VUE’s software captures and records detailed data center hardware information including: name, age, current location, power consumption, required rack space, and serial number. The software also provides many other user-defined fields. Asset VUE builds real time elevation diagrams showing rack devices by location.

Asset Vue Mobile

A passive RFID IT Asset Management solution that works with iOS and Android smart tablets, making it even easier to conduct fast, easy and actionable IT asset audits. The new Asset Vue Mobile handheld device provides an enhanced user experience with an easy-to-use graphical interface all in a familiar form factor. The Asset Vue Mobile solution includes a passive RFID reader and can be purchased with or without a pre-configured iOS or Android smart tablet for tagging and tracking data center assets right out of the box.

The Asset Vue IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution includes all the hardware and software required to monitor your assets not only within the data center but throughout your facilities.

Now you can have the power of UHF Gen 2 RFID for your iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android devices, using lightweight, inexpensive, battery-less passive RFID tags.

Mobile App Screenshots:

Why select Asset VUE?

Choosing a vendor to assist in the critical task of improving accuracy and reducing the inefficiency associated with tracking data center assets requires careful examination of both the company and the solution. Asset VUE represents a superior alternative from both of these important perspectives.

The company’s executive leadership and product development staff bring vast, direct experience from the world of data center operations. The solution delivered to Asset VUE clients is a culmination of living and working through the daily challenges faced by data center management/leadership across the industry. The technology is built with a clear focus on solving one of the recurring challenges in maintaining any substantial data center operation.

The Asset VUE solution is a powerful technology, blending software and hardware. The core system is comprised of several sophisticated but easy-to-use elements that are designed to automatically monitor data center environments and track the wide variety of devices contained within them. The net effect of leveraging the experience of the Asset VUE team, coupled with implementing this simple yet sophisticated technology, is a high-impact benefit for your department and your organization. You can realize substantial and measurable savings in time and effort along with solid strategic improvements from the increased accuracy and efficiency of your data center operations.