CAREL is an innovative leader in the field of humidification. Carel product lines for the US market are manufactured in Manheim, Pennsylvania. This Italian based manufacturer was founded in 1973 in Padova, Italy. Since that time, they have added facilities in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Carel is a progressive company with advanced designs of both isothermal and adiabatic commercial humidification systems.

HeaterSteam: Electric Heater Steam Humidifier

HeaterSteam produces aseptic steam from any type of drinking, demineralized or other potable water source. It is ideal for humidifying technological (data center) or medical environments, where the maximum purity of steam and extended maintenance-free operation are required. Made with a stainless steel cylinder, HeaterSteam features exclusive technological solutions, such as deploying electric heaters embedded in aluminum castings with high heat exchange surface. Built in temperature sensors prevent overheating and signal when lime scale needs to be removed. All models feature a preheating function, which allows the unit to start operating immediately when steam is required. HeaterSteam can be connected to a network for remote control. Output ranges from 4 to 132 pounds per hour.


GaSteam: Gas-fired Steam Humidifier

CAREL’s extensive experience in the humidification sector, combined with Ecoflam gas heating technology, has led to the development of GaSteam, the gas-fired humidifier. GaSteam can operate efficiently using any type of drinking, demineralized or other potable water. GaSteam can be supplied with natural gas or LPG, and combines respect for the environment with maximum operating economy. The cost savings over time are clear when comparing the prices of gas and electricity. This system offers energy efficiency between 92% and 95%, and features include a heat exchanger with non-stick lining and a stainless steel boiler with easy front access panel for lime scale removal. As with other Carel industrial humidification units, this product includes a built-in control system with a humidity probe, or the operation is modulated by an external controller. GaSteam can also be connected to a network for remote control. GaSteam models are available with outputs of 100, 200 and 400 pounds per hour.


HumiSteam: Immersed Electrode Steam Humidifier

HumiSteam, the immersed electrode humidifier, is the result of CAREL’s thirty-year experience in the field of steam humidification, and is the optimal choice for a wide variety of applications: civil environments, offices, and industrial facilities. HumiSteam models are available with a built-in controller. Output ranges from 3.3 to 286 pounds per hour. This model has been upgraded to provide ease of operation and better reliability and performance. The cylinders have exclusive connectors that do not require tools. All units are fitted with a drain pump. The humidifier starts rapidly and accepts an extended range of supply water conductivity. All models feature standard Modbus communications, with LONtalk and BACnet available as options. Carel’s HumiSteam operates using water conductivity between 75 and 1250 us/cm, and its control software adapts automatically to the characteristics of the supply water, so as to simplify installation and optimize operating life.


UltimateSteam: Direct Injection Steam Humidifier Manifolds

UltimateSteam is the only multi-manifold steam distribution system featuring a high-tech insulative coating (30 mils= 24″ of R-8 foam insulation). Heat gain to the duct is greatly decreased and condensate production is reduced by more than 50%, making it the most efficient system ever devised. The patented full length inverted steam discharge slots provide 100% steam to air contact for the shortest possible evaporation distance. The fishbone wick (also patented) pulls any condensate back to the center of the manifolds where it is reflashed to dry steam, increasing efficiency and preventing any spitting or dripping. Construction is 100% stainless steel with no O-rings, gaskets or plastic parts to wear out, all designed with the goal of minimal maintenance. Ultimate Steam models include single manifold and multi-manifold systems, with capacities of 2,200 pounds per hour at pressures from 2 to 60 psi. Models can be ordered pre-built and framed for easy field installation or installation at an OEM facility.


MC 2000: Multizone Compressed Air Atomizing Humidifiers

The MC Multizone adiabatic humidification system is ideal for the humidification of medium and large industrial environments and large volumes of air, in the duct and for air handling units, and cold rooms. This system uses compressed air to atomize the water into very fine droplets that evaporate spontaneously in the air, humidifying and cooling it. The electronic controller manages the supply of water and compressed air to the nozzles, as well as all the automatic cycles such as nozzle cleaning and washing. The humidity can be controlled independently in multiple zones. The MC 2000 has user-friendly access to information on the status of the unit. A high level of hygiene is ensured as the water line is automatically emptied whenever the unit stops. In addition, an effective UV sterilizer lamp can be installed, helping to eliminate any biological contaminants. Master unit capacity is 132 to 507 pounds per hour. Slave units also available with similar output capacity.

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HumiFog: High Pressure Atomizing Humidifier

HumiFog multizone is a pressurized water humidification system with very high efficiency for air handling units in industrial and commercial environments and public buildings, as well as large scale evaporative cooling applications. This unit can be used for precision applications or to manage up to six zones independently, using zone controllers served by a single pumping station, allowing significant savings. It has dual functionality with indirect evaporative cooling in the summer (without adding humidity via heat recovery on the exhaust air) and humidification in the duct in the winter. Atomizing water at high pressure using special nozzles, Carel’s HumiFog multizone produces a fine and uniform mist which is easily absorbed in the air even over short distances. The stainless steel rack with atomizing nozzles, made to measure for the air handling unit, simplifies installation. Combined use of an inverter and solenoid valves to control the number of nozzles ensures operating economy and high precision. Pumping stations are available with output capacity up to 11,000 pounds per hour.


Optimist: Evaporative Cooler and Atomizing Humidifier

OptiMist is an evaporative cooler and humidifier that atomizes water in fine droplets which, while spontaneously evaporating, remove heat from the humidified and cooled air. It uses a vane pump to pressurize the water, subsequently atomizing it through special nozzles. OptiMist is a complete system that includes evaporative cooling and humidifying in a single solution which can be used to treat the air in an AHU (air handling unit) both to humidify the output air (direct evaporative cooling) and to indirectly cool the renewal air, for example with a crossflow recovery unit, in order to increase the energy efficiency of the AHU.


HumiDisk: Compact Centrifugal Atomizing Humidifier

The HumiDisk is a compact atomizing humidifier. For a smaller area, specialized application or supplement to a larger system, the HumiDisk is an ideal solution. It is flexible to accept a variety of water sources, with the capacity to produce 14.3 lbs per hour. It is easy to install and can sit on a table or stand; it can also be wall mounted or hung from the ceiling. The controls allow for adjustable output, and the unit has a rotating head for atomizing mist direction. It is low in operating and maintenance cost, and is an ideal solution for greenhouses, cold storage, concrete curing, woodworking and textile applications.