Motivair Data Center Cooling SolutionsDiscover ChilledDoor®

The Motivair ChilledDoor® Rack Cooling System isn’t just a way to remove 100% of the heat from your server rack, it’s a way to change the dynamic of how your data center is cooled. By using advanced “Active” rear door heat exchanger technology, your cooling system becomes a dynamic entity, reacting to minute by minute changes in compute loads of up to 75kW per rack.

Whether you’re cooling advanced high-performance computers, high end storage, or simple switchgear, the ChilledDoor® works to keep your computing environment “heat neutral.”

The ChilledDoor® is mounted directly to the rear panel of any standard server rack. It can remove lower densities – up to 75kW per rack. Multiple environmental variables are constantly monitored and adjusted to ensure that the ChilledDoor® is actively adjusting to conditions inside the data center. Active heat removal and rack monitoring creates reliable cooling and a “heat neutral” white space. The result is significantly increased data center efficiencies.

The system operates above the ambient dew point, which eliminates the possibility of condensation near critical electrical equipment. If central chilled water is available but below room dew point, a Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) is available.

Motivair ChilledDoor Rack Cooling SystemKey Features:

  • High density rack cooling up to 75kW per rack
  • Designed to fit any industry standard server rack
  • High powered adjustable PLC control system for active cooling of server racks
  • Available remote monitoring interface
  • High quality sheet metal casing with 95-degree door swing
  • High efficiency integrated heat exchanger
  • Up to 5 hot swappable centrifugal fans which allow for quick replacement and scalability
  • EC Motor design with low energy consumption
  • Mission critical redundancy
  • Leak prevention system
  • Quick connect hoses
  • 1-year warranty included (parts only)

Motivair ChilledDoor Coolant Distribution UnitCoolant Distribution Unit (CDU)

The Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) by Motivair Corporation is more than just a way to deploy IT cooling when and where you need it. A CDU represents a forward-thinking, next-Gen IT strategy driven by the dynamic growth of a business, not limited by legacy cooling systems and infrastructure. 

A CDU provides the ability to deploy higher-density, load-diverse IT equipment in a smaller footprint while at the same time improving a facility's overall efficiency (PUE) and life expectancy. 

Motivair's CDUs are designed to control and separate colder facility water supplies from the IT cooling infrastructure. This action of decoupling allows the CDU to accurately monitor and control the flow and temperature of clean, cool fluid to all types of next-generation IT cooling systems, including Active and Passive Rear Door Heat Exchangers or Liquid Cooling Systems (Direct to Chip or On Chip). 

CDUs can be installed inside the white space or in a remote location, and they can also be piped from above or below based on site requirements.

Key Features:

Motivair ChilledDoor MCDU 4U

  • Isolates a clean water supply for IT cooling system – providing 100% sensible cooling up to 1.25 MW, depending on the model
  • 4X Models – (3) Floor-Mounted Models; (1) In-Rack Model
  • Maintains water temperature above data center dew point eliminating the possibility of condensation
  • Automatically adjusts water flow and temperature for scale-on-demand IT loads
  • Offers inherent redundancies for maximized uptime
  • Ideal for W1 – W5 cooling systems