nlyte Software

nlyte Software was founded by data center professionals, for data center professionals. The company is a premium provider of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions. The nlyte DCIM suite delivers predictive intelligence and management controls needed to achieve smarter, more efficient and highly available data centers. This solution provides a unique combination of intelligent capacity planning that delivers actionable information for optimizing the use of power, cooling and space. It gives data center professionals information about the optimal placement of data center assets, and business process automation that improves availability and operational excellence.

Data centers are far more complex and difficult to manage than ever before. Most data center managers approach these dynamic and complex environments with a resource toolkit limited to spreadsheets and a few CAD diagrams. Managing today’s IT infrastructure is challenging. Limitations of space and power, along with the enormous complexity of managing a large data center, have given rise to sophisticated DCIM solutions.

You need to manage what goes on in your data center. That takes planning, execution and orchestration. The result is similar to what ERP software does for a corporation in extending into all departments making their information interconnected. nlyte’s data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution does the same between all departments that touch the data center.

nlyte’s comprehensive DCIM solution provides data center professionals with the visibility of all data center assets along with their connectivity and relationships. No surprises. All within one interface.

This DCIM solution gives data center professionals the ability to discover, visualize, model, control, report, predict, and manage all physical data center assets. This information enables you to deploy new assets and plan capacity for future growth. DCIM solutions can also help control energy costs, reduce risks and increase operational efficiency.

The nlyte DCIM solution provides a rapid ROI by:

  • Reducing the cost, time and risk of migrations and consolidations by up to 50%
  • Decreasing the business risk and expense caused by downtime & catastrophic failure by up to 50%
  • Deferring the capital expense for new data center build outs by 5 years or more
  • Cutting power expenses by up to 20% annually and reducing power usage effectiveness (PUE) to 2.0 or less
  • Improving the operational excellence and optimization of power, cooling and space

nlyte’s DCIM software is the next step in the evolution of DCIM, providing an integrated set of features and functions that enables total performance management for your data center. The nlyte solution integrates with other legacy data center applications (CMDB, Asset Management, and Network Management) to provide a complete picture of your data center’s physical infrastructure. With nlyte Software, users have the tools and the processes needed to revolutionize datacenter management, ensure operational best practices, and resolve some of biggest issues facing data centers today. In short, things you can’t do with Excel, Visio and other DCIM solutions!

nlyte Software is committed to the ongoing development, enhancement and support of the nlyte suite. nlyte Software will continue to expand the range of services available to provide a total solution for DCIM. The company offers a compelling product. Your CEG sales professional can demonstrate the features and benefits of nlyte Software, and help you assess its suitability as a solution for your data center operations.