OnLine Power

OnLine Power is a leading provider of power protection products designed to safeguard all types of electronic equipment that must function under varying, adverse power line conditions. These variations include voltage surges, sags, spikes, brownouts and blackouts. OnLine Power products are designed for mission critical environments and other operations dependent on continuous clean and reliable power. This includes data centers, health care, telecommunications, electronic publishing, factory automation, audio processing, broadcasting, and more.

OnLine Power’s uncompromising commitment to total customer satisfaction is reflected in the way the company is managed. Founded in California in 1975, OnLine Power was one of the first manufacturers in the power protection field to obtain ISO9001 certification. To further demonstrate their ongoing commitment to quality, OnLine Power also incorporated a six-sigma program into their processes, a further assurance of the highest level of product quality.

Quality engineering is also found in OnLine Power’s innovative product designs, developed to ensure product performance over an extended life cycle. The product line offered by OnLine Power includes a wide range of options: power conditioners, voltage regulators, power distribution units (PDUs), single and three phase Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), and isolation transformers.

High Frequency UPS Units

The Protector 1 – a 3 to 30kVA, single phase UPS. It is CSA Listed: UL1778

The Protector 3 – a 10 to 62.5 kVA, three phase UPS. It is designed with a small footprint and allows front access. It is CSA Listed: UL1778

The Host Power – a larger three phase UPS unit (10 to 500 kVA), with similar footprint and front access.


Power Conditioners

OnLine Power offers a range of single and three phase power conditioners. The single phase units start with the Mini Power 3 (1 to 2 kVA). The single phase models are plug and play, UL listed units. The largest single phase model, the Constant Power 6 (3 to 15kVA), is offered with a separate distribution panel.

In three phase units, OnLine makes the Constant Power 18 (15 to 100kVA) and the Power Reg (15 to 2000 kVA). These larger units provide excellent voltage regulation and operate at high levels of efficiency.

Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

The PDU products designed and manufactured by Online Power include the Power-Pal and Power-Pac, both 15 to 300kVA, three phase, PDUs. These models come with a tiered output conduit landing bracket, are UL listed and operate at an efficiency level greater than 96%. The top of the line model is the Power-Island which comes in custom configurations. Contact IIS Group for details.

Isolation Transformers

In isolation transformers, OnLine Power produces the Iso-Care and Iso-Care Harmonic Plus. These three phase units (15 to 500 kVA) operate at over 98% efficiency levels. The Iso-Care and NRT (Noise Reduction Transformer) are designed for isolation with optional distribution of AC power.

The Iso-Care and NRT can accommodate input voltages of 208 or 480 VAC +5% and -10%, and output voltages of 208Y/120 or 480Y/277. The input frequency range of the Iso-Care is 50 to 60 Hz. The NRT is designed for 60 Hz only. All components in these units are of the highest quality and specifically selected to achieve the highest level of performance.

The Iso-Care utilizes two Faraday shields per phase to achieve -120dB of common-mode noise attenuation. The isolation transformer also achieves -20dB per decade transverse (normal) mode noise attenuation.

The Iso-Care Plus utilizes multi-shields per phase to achieve -126dB of common-mode noise attenuation, with an option for -140dB and -152dB attenuation. The isolation transformer with input filter achieves -40dB per decade transverse (normal) mode noise attenuation. With input and output filter, Iso-Care Plus can achieve -60dB per decade, transverse (normal) mode.