PDI - Power Distribution, Inc

PDI (Power Distribution, Inc.) is an independent designer, manufacturer and service provider of mission critical power distribution, static switching, and power monitoring equipment for corporate data centers. PDI, a Richmond Virginia company founded in 1978, is a division of Smiths Interconnect. The company offers a broad range of power products for the data center industry including custom transformers, remote power panels, power distribution units, and static transfer switch systems with a wide array of monitoring options centered on PDI’s Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS). PDI products help users to integrate the data center floor, with local monitoring to central control of power to mission critical systems.



PowerWave Bus Systems™

PDI’s innovative PowerWave Bus System™ with Tough Rail Technology™ represents a modular pre-engineered product line for the structured track busway distribution market. PDI has incorporated the simplicity of vertical drop downs from a common bus with the integration of PDI’s award winning WaveStar™ technology for intelligent monitoring and communications. Continuous PDI busway rail system is available in sizes from 160-800A. Tough Rail Technology allows for speedy installation and low maintenance.

PDI’s power distribution unit product line includes several different solutions to meet a range of customer requirements.



The PDI WaveStar® PowerHub™ power distribution system provides the highest available power density of any PDU. PDI’s award winning PDIQ intelligent monitoring system is standard with these units. This system integrates proven PDU monitoring with PDI’s patented Branch Circuit Monitoring System and allows precise load control and management. Together these features result in less floor space, lower energy costs, higher density power and better reliability. Central welded bus on the input and the output allows true front access and simplifies ongoing maintenance. Ultra high efficiency data center grade transformer for energy cost savings. Reduces power distribution footprint by up to 50% and offers the highest available power PDU density.

PDI’s Powerpak PDU protects your critical computer equipment from electrical noise and spikes and acts as a single point reference ground. Each PDU can be individually configured to meet your needs for isolation, voltage transformation, harmonic reduction and voltage regulation, with virtually limitless distribution options.

The WaveStar Series PDU comes with built in monitoring, giving you real-time control of actual loads down to the individual breaker level. This important decision-making tool integrates PDI’s BCMS and Intelligent Monitoring System, so you control system-wide performance, breaker power levels, along with current and voltage data. This means improved, timelier decisions can be made based on real-time load and capacity data, all in one interactive and monitoring package. The PDI WaveStar PowerHub PDU provides the highest available power density of any PDU. PDI’s award winning intelligent monitoring system is standard with these units.

Powerpak Remote Power Panels (RPPs)

PDI’s Powerpak Remote Power Panel (RPP) is a freestanding distribution system designed to increase the usable kVA of your PDUs. As your data center evolves from a few high powered devices to many low powered devices, your system becomes limited by the number of distribution points on your PDUs. PDI’s Remote Power Panel gives you the added pole space your system needs. Custom configured in a freestanding enclosure, the RPP gives you the added flexibility and room for expansion by placing your power connection points closer to your equipment loads. Units are rated for 208v applications and each can provide up to 168 additional single phase circuits. Optional equipment now includes the Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) and local monitoring.

Static Transfer Switches – SBR and Wave Star Series

PDI’s SBR Series Static Automatic Transfer Switch supplies your critical loads with a choice between two available sources of electrical power. The SBR continually monitors power quality and will automatically transfer to an alternate source without interruption of power to even your most sensitive critical loads. With a sense and transfer time of less than 4ms, the SBR represents the highest performance power switching solution available for the most critical applications.

Over 25 years of experience has allowed PDI to become the preferred supplier of 4ms transfer switches to a wide range of industries. The new WaveStar communication package adds PDI’s stature as a preferred provider, as it incorporates all of the features that the data center manager wants and needs in one compact package. The PDI static switch supplies critical loads with a choice between two available sources of electrical power. By continually monitoring power quality, the WaveStar switch automatically transfers to an alternate source without interruption of power to even your most sensitive critical loads. With a sense and transfer time of less than 4ms and the industry’s best communication package, the WaveStar represents the highest performance power switching solution available.

Power Cube Transformers

PDI’s high efficiency Power Cube transformers are designed to provide years of reduced energy costs, reduced energy consumption, and therefore reduced impact on the environment. In addition, PDI has implemented an ecofriendly design and manufacturing process to maximize recycling methods for sustainability.
PDI has been producing high power transformers for over 30 years under the TOPAZ and new PDI brands. At the heart of PDI’s operation is a design engineering team, recognized as among the best in the industry. PDI’s experience has enabled the company to engineer reliable optimized solutions that fit your budget. PDI solutions are found globally wherever ultra high reliability magnetics are required. PDI has an extensive track record with an installed base of over 15,000 high power transformers installed with excellent field reliability.

Inverters (S4 and S5)

PDI’s inverters are the industry standard for telecom and critical environment power protection. At the heart of PDI’s Model S4 Inverter are scalable 3.5 kVA inverter power modules which can be stacked in an N+1 redundant configuration up to 21 kVA. This modular scalability makes the S4 ideal for overlay applications where future power growth is anticipated. All modules are packaged into a receiver cabinet allowing rapid and safe exchange of any component without interruption to the critical load.

The PDI S5 Inverter uses high density circuitry to provide 1500 Watts of power in a slim 1U rack mountable enclosure. DC noise filtering circuits on the S5 practically eliminate ripple current (<30 dBNRC and less than 2mV psophometric), a byproduct of most inverters that can potentially damage even large DC battery banks. The S5 can be paralleled for capacity or redundancy using “plug and play” synchronization cables.

Branch Circuit Monitoring Systems (BCMS)

PDI’s Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) can measure and remotely monitor the current and voltage on each individual panel board circuit, allowing for proactive management of every device in your facility. PDI’s BCMS is available as factory OEM installed or as a retrofit kit. There are different monitoring packages available from PDI for your BCMS. PDI’s BCMS is a patented technology.

WaveStar BCMS Hub

PDI’s WaveStar™ BCMS Hub can collect information from up to 35 downstream BCMS-enabled power quality products (up to 70 panel boards) in a data center. It can operate as a standalone system, connect to your building management system or deliver power data to the cloud utilizing the PDI PowerMap service. Features include a touch screen monitor, easy to use interface, and exportable Microsoft Excel reporting. The WaveStar BCMS Hub makes real-time power monitoring and management more efficient and easier to interpret.

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i-Con Modular Data Center by PDI

PDI understands that every customer has unique data center requirements. The i-CON Modular Data Center has been designed with maximum flexibility in mind. The need for businesses to rapidly increase IT capacity coupled with the need to decrease capital and operational expenditures, has resulted in a new species of data center. The traditional brick and mortar data center still lives and prospers; however, the modular data center has arrived.

The i-CON Modular Data Center is built from standard ISO shipping containers. It is incredibly rapid to deploy and significantly more cost effective. PDI’s engineering team, project managers and in-house manufacturing can create solutions as standalone systems, integrated into existing facilities, or co-located in lease-based container buildings. Changes to density, power, cooling or accessibility can all have a direct impact on each other, but i-CON’s unique design makes it simple to tailor a solution for any customer’s needs while being optimized for maximum efficiency.

Features of the i-Con Modular Data Center:

  • Rapid deployment: standard construction time is under six months
  • Reduced CAPEX: build as you need at the container and rack levels and optimize real estate resources
  • Reduced operating expense: achieve increased efficiencies utilizing best-of-breed container and rack based cooling options
  • Plug and Play: off-site construction yields a structure ready to be installed on-site or relocated or deployed to other locations
  • Project Management: reduce risks associated with traditional building construction, leveraging pre-fabricated modules and CAD based modeling
  • Flexible: adaptable to multi-tier capabilities and changing IT technologies
  • Serviceable: rolling racks, flexible cable trays, and modular components make field based service simple
  • Fully integrated: from a single container deployed in a collocation facility to a multi-container stand alone build-out, your iCon Modular Solution includes all the components needed to operate, monitor and manage a highly efficient data center
  • Customizable: the iCon Modular Data Center® has been designed with maximum flexibility in mind, so it is simple to tailor a solution for any customer’s needs while maintaining maximum efficiency.

A trusted name for over 30 years, PDI has served the mission critical space with leading edge power quality products. That same level of engineering and innovative design is leveraged into each iCon Modular Data Center®.

i-CON features PDI’s patented Branch Circuit Monitoring Systems (BCMS) and customized monitoring interface, which allows for monitoring of voltage, current, kW, kVA, power factor, container and rack measurements including rack capacity, temperature, fan speed, load, and other key performance metrics. Other features include: Modular server racks that are vendor-neutral with a capacity of 48U per rack. There are 672U of standard 19 inch rack-mounts in a 40 foot container. Multiple i-CON containers can be stacked and placed side-by-side for increased density per square foot.

  • The DynaCool On-Demand Cooling System, integrated Self-Contained Cooling Units (SCU) are included for maximum efficiency and serviceability.
  • Adjustable, upgradeable keyed extraction racks for ease-of-service.
  • PDI’s Powerwave Overhead Bus System: Monitored flexible overhead power distribution to the racks with both redundant and non-redundant power architecture options.
  • The i-CON Facility Management System, offering remote access for both container and rack-level control.
  • Each rack is purposefully positioned for optimum accessibility for service and can be easily slid into and locked in a maintenance position. PDI’s design allows for 15 inches of clearance between the racks and 30 inches of access behind the racks. PDI says all IT and facility maintenance can be performed directly from within the system, ensuring minimal impact to the container-wide cooling system or the overall climatized environment within the container.

i-CON technology can be customized to use multiple IT equipment vendors and configurations, including but not limited to: HP, EMC, Sun/Oracle, Dell, Cisco, IBM, SGI, DataDirect Networks, and LSI.