PERMALERT ESP, a division of Perma-Pipe Inc., manufactures and supplies commercial leak detection/location systems that help keep mission critical facilities online and in production. PERMALERT was established to provide high quality water, chemical, and fuel leak detection systems for use under raised floors, or attached to single or double wall pipes, tanks, trenches and trays. PERMALERT’s state of the art leak detection systems are an essential tool for monitoring computer rooms. These systems can be configured to provide discreet point monitoring and/or line sensing, and will pinpoint the location of a leak event. If monitoring systems are not in close proximity to your control center or office, you can deploy PERMALERT’s PALCOM network software, which allows you to monitor your critical leak detection system remotely with a patented GLS (Graphic Locator System) that displays the location of a leak on a CAD drawing.

PAL-AT® by PermAlert

PAL-AT is a state of the art microprocessor based leak detection cable system that locates potential problems anywhere along the sensor string and alarms on contact. The PAL-AT can be furnished for secondary contained pipe systems, heat distribution systems, computer room sub-floors, clean rooms, phone switching stations or anywhere quick and precise leak detection is required. As an option, PermAlert offers remote monitoring of the system using their PALCOM software package. There are four types of sensing cable and eight different probe options.


Fluid Watch by PermAlert

FLUIDWATCH® is a system designed to monitor small areas for water or water based chemicals on floors and around sensitive equipment. Typical applications are for sub floors and around boilers and pumps. The system comes complete with an alarm panel, leader cable and sensing cable in 50, 75 or 100 foot lengths. The system is easy to use with a one button operation and 2-250vac, 10A, SPDT relays. This system is not for hydrocarbons.


Liquid Watch by PermAlert

LIQUIDWATCH® is a system designed to monitor low areas using sensor probes in a wide variety of applications for water, hydrocarbons or chemicals in sumps around sensitive equipment, tanks and low points in secondary contained pipe systems.