Polargy is the leading provider of hot aisle and cold aisle containment solutions for new data center construction and retrofit projects. Polargy designs, manufactures and installs complete turnkey containment solutions including hot aisle and cold aisle containment, air flow accessories and server racks. Polargy's industry-leading data center containment solutions save energy and keep mission-critical environments cool across the globe.

Polargy assists CEG across three types of projects:

Fit-Outs –  These are deployments of containment into an existing space. Most often into a colocation site or wholesale site but also into enterprise sites. Typically, the containment is part of an overall build out of the white space.

Retrofits – Retrofit projects deploy containment into a live site. These projects are driven by customer's needs to capture stranded capacity, deal with hots spots and / or realize energy savings. Fire suppression is the key issue in a retrofit project.

New Construction – New construction is distinct from a Fit-Out in that the containment is installed under the scope of the general contractor or a subcontractor and installed prior to the building being turned over to the owner. Most of these projects are for enterprise clients.

PolarDam™ Air Dam Foam

Stop cold air loss and save energy! PolarDam™ maximizes air conditioning in computer rooms by keeping cold air contained. It prevents bypass air, stops recirculation, and is a valuable tool for assuring containment. Its flexible design makes gap filling quick and inexpensive. It is ideal for raised access floors.

This self-forming foam conforms to any area where it is inserted, blocking cold air from escaping into open spaces. The foam sheets are scored into a “tear-to-size” perforated 1” x 1” grid so they can be easily separated along the perforations to make any size or shape needed.

Great for filling:

  • Cable cutouts in raised access floors
  • Under rack fronts
  • Around PDUs
  • Gaps between rack rails and rack sides
  • Gaps between racks
  • Empty rack units that have cables passed through
  • Around pipes and conduit

PolarDam Foam is fire retardant and meets the UL -94-HF-1 rating. The ether-based polyurethane material is strong, chemical resistant and resilient. It is also chemically stable so it retains its integrity for years. Each box contains six each 24” x 24" x 2” sheets, or 24 square feet of foam.


PolarFlex™ Full Length Blanking Panels

PolarFlexTM is rack blanking for empty racks and large unfilled spaces. Data centers often house rows of racks that remain unpopulated for some time, and with high-density IT equipment, some racks will be only partially filled. For empty or partially filled racks, thin and flat PolarFlex blanking panels are a convenient and cost-effective alternative to buying, installing and storing hundreds of 1U or 2U molded plastic rack blanks, while offering the lowest price per Rack Unit.

With the Server Images, All White, All Black and Custom Art style options, PolarFlex panels complement the aesthetic of any data center. Panels are easily trimmed with scissors, so re-sizing the panels as empty racks become filled is easy. 42U, 45U, and 48U Sizes. Made of UL-94-VO fire-rated Lexan film. Panels packed in boxes of 10. Rivets and screws packed in bags of 50.



Drop-Away Panels

The PolarPlex™ Drop-Away Panel is a unique hot and cold aisle containment solution that solves the "sprinkler head obstruction" problem commonly associated with deploying overhead containment.

Suspended Panel System (SPS)

PolarPlex™ SPS is Polargy's patented ceiling suspended aisle containment solution with an innovative quick connect and quick removal design. This rigid vertical containment system is ideal for hot aisle containment and a great alternative to vinyl curtains. In overhead applications the SPS is completely supported by the ceiling so it is rack independent and server cabinets can be moved in and out without effecting the containment.

Containment Curtains

Polargy's PolarPlex™ Containment Curtains are a highly effective air isolation solution for controlling air flow in the data center. Made of high-grade vinyl and installed with Polargy's trouble-free mounting system, PolarPlex™ Containment Curtains are an economical way to eliminate hot spots and overcooled zones, saving energy while improving equipment reliability.

PolarPlex P2 Doors

Attractive, Robust, sturdy, higher end.

PX  Sliding and Swing Doors

Economical, light-weight, light duty.

PX Dual Sliding Door 1
PX Dual Sliding Door 2
PX Single Sided Door
PX Single Sided Door
PX Single Door Top Half
PX Door Corner
PX Swing 1800
PX Swing 1800
PX Swing Door Column
PX Swing Door Column
PX Swing Inside Sidelite
PX Swing Inside Sidelite

PolarSnap™ Tool-less Blanking Panels

The PolarSnap™ Metal Tool-Less Blanking Panels are 1U and 2U server rack blanking panels with a simplified design to enable quick and easy installation or removal. Pivot pins on one end and single slide latch on the other allow easy swing-in installation. Insert pivot pins into rack rail holes and snap slide latch into place.


PolarBlock™ Air Dam Strips and Barriers

The PolarBlock™ Air Dam Strips and Barriers prevent bypass air below, above and between racks and other equipment. The 24”Strips and 48” Barriers come in various widths and easily attach with either a magnetic or Velcro strip. The Strips material is 62 mil thick and the Barrier material is 40 mil thick. Both can be cut with heavy scissors to make alternative sizes. Both can be cut with heavy scissors to make alternative sizes. The PolarBlock Air Dam Strips and Barriers are fire retardant and meet the UL rating of UL-94-V0.