RLE is a rapidly growing, globally recognized leader in fluid leak detection and critical facilities monitoring equipment.

We invite you to learn more about our robust services and solutions that will address the needs of any critical environment; as well as the many world-renowned vendors we partner with to ensure the highest possible quality standards.

RLE’s SeaHawk leak detection solutions are engineered to provide unparalleled protection against any form of conductive fluid that might threaten your facility. The line includes fluid sensing cable and spot detectors as well as the monitoring devices and accessories to support them.

RLE offers two types of controllers to fit your specific needs: zone controllers, which will simply notify you if there is a leak anywhere along the length of a sensing cable, and distance-read controllers, which will use the cable to pinpoint the leak within inches to assure fast response time in larger areas.

The SeaHawk Product Matrix is a great resource for those who may not be sure which RLE product best suits their needs. Also play around with these helpful calculators to determine your needs.

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Distance-read Leak Detection Controllers

RLE’s distance-read controllers are ideal for protecting larger spaces from conductive fluid leaks, especially when the cable is not readily visible – such as under a raised floor.

These controllers pinpoint where along the length of an RLE sensing cable a leak is occurring, so you can quickly take action and avoid damage. Our controllers and cable are fast, notifying the right people within seconds of a detected leak.



Distance-read leak detection that monitors up to 10,000 feet of sensing cable.

LD5200 Datasheet



Distance-read leak detection that monitors up to 5,000 feet of sensing cable.

LD2100 Datasheet



Distance-read leak detection that monitors up to 1,500 feet of sensing cable.

LD1500 Datasheet



Distance-read leak detection that monitors up to 10,000 feet of sensing cable.

SeaHawk10k Datasheet

Zone Leak Detection Controllers

If you need to protect a small area against fluid leaks, a zone controller may be the solution for you. These cost-effective controllers notify you almost instantly when any conductive fluid touches an attached RLE sensing cable or spot detector. In a small space where your sensing cable is easily visible, you can quickly locate the leak and take action before the leak causes any damage.


Zone leak detection and facility monitoring in one plug-and-play package.

F200 Datasheet


A six-ton leak detection controller or a remote alarm annunciator.

LDRA6 Datasheet


Single zone leak detection that monitors up to 1,000 feet of sensing cable.

LD1000 Datasheet


Single zone leak detection that monitors up to 300 feet of sensing cable.

LD310 Datasheet


Wireless 418MHz leak detection that can pair with the Wi-MGR.

Wi-LD Datasheet

Sensing Cables for Leak Detection Systems


RLE’s conductive fluid sensing cable provides optimal protection for your facility when you don’t know exactly where fluid infiltration might occur.

By running a cable around the perimeter of a room and/or in a serpentine pattern under a floor, you know whenever as little as a dropper-full of water touches that cable. RLE’s patented design assures fast response time while minimizing or eliminating false alarms due to dust, debris, or other objects on the cable.

Conductive Fluid Sensing Cable

Reliably detects damaging water leaks and other conductive fluids.

Conductive Datasheet


Chemical Sensing Cable

Reliably detects leaks via the presence of acids, bases and other conductive liquids.

Chemical Datasheet

Spot Detectors for Leak Detection Systems

There are a few predictable locations for leaks to occur. If you are checking for leaks in drip pans or floor drains, RLE’s fluid spot detectors are an ideal solution. They will identify leaks and notify the right people to take action.

Spot Detector Datasheet


Spot detector for use with zone or distance-read leak detection controllers.


Spot detector compatible with the F200, LD310, LD1000 and LDRA6


Spot detector designed primarily for use with RLE’s FMS and RA1x2


Spot detector with one relay output. Use with products that accept a dry contact input.

Cable Installation Accessories

  • Leader Cable
  • End-of-Line (EOL) Terminator
  • J-clips
  • Caution Labels

Cable Installation Datasheet

Cable Construction Accessories

  • Cable Connector Kit
  • Contact Extractor
  • Leak Detection Cable Evaluator (LDCE)

Cable Construction Datasheet

Cable Accessories

  • X-Connector
  • Weighted cable Connector
  • Sensing Cable Adapter Kit

Cable Accessories Datasheet

Non-Sensing Cable

Non-sensing cable (NSC) is used to extend a control panel’s leader cable to an area where sensing cable is needed.   It also bridges lengths of sensing cable through areas where sensing is not required.   The NSC does not affect the accuracy of readings or limit the amount of sensing cable that can be connected to a control panel.

Non-sensing Cable Datasheet

Framed Reference Map

Used in conjunction with a SeaHawk distance read controller, a reference map allows users to cross-reference the distance to a leak, as displayed on their controller, with an actual physical location on a floor plan map.  This 11-inch x 14-inch (28cm x 37cm) framed map helps identify the precise location of a leak.

RLE’s Falcon Facilities Monitoring Systems provide facility managers with complete peace of mind against environmental threats such as temperature, humidity, fluid leaks, pressure, airflow, smoke, and much more.

Server Room & Facility Monitoring Equipment

At CEG, we believe your monitoring solution should fit your facility; not the other way around. The wired and wireless monitoring solutions proved to us by RLE are infinitely flexible and vendor and integration neutral – so we can tailor a solution to fit your application.


Stand-alone, web-enabled monitoring and notification for critical facilities. The FMS Expansion Card A enables the user to add an additional 12 analog inputs and eight relay outputs to an FMS. Expansion Card B can add an additional 24 digital inputs (normally open or normally closed) to an FMS.

FMS Datasheet


Monitors temperature, humidity, digital inputs and leak detection sensing cable.

F200 Datasheet

Wired Sensors for Facility Monitoring Systems

Wired sensors expand the functionality of an F200 or FMS monitoring system. RLE offers a wide variety of sensors and accessories designed to accommodate diverse applications. Please contact a CEG data center expert to learn more about specific wired solutions.

Wireless Building Monitoring System Products

Why choose wireless? 

Wireless systems provide many advantages over traditional hard-wired monitoring systems. Users immediately benefit from reduced installation costs – electricians and conduit are not necessary for a wireless installation.

RLE’s wireless sensors seamlessly integrate with the Company’s wireless sensor network manager, the Wi-MGR. This integration allows users to quickly and efficiently add new wireless sensors and relocate existing sensors. Plus, the Wi-MGR’s Sensor Discovery mechanism automatically detects and displays any modifications or additions to the wireless system.


Wireless monitoring with unprecedented sensor range and battery life.

WiNG-MGR Datasheet


Aggregate and monitor data from wireless sensors via a web interface or a BMS/NMS

Wi-MGR Datasheet


International version of the Wi-MGR that communicates via 433MHz and 2.4 GHz

Wi-MGR-INT Datasheet

Wireless Sensors for Facility Monitoring

Wireless sensors are an outstanding way to keep tabs on environmental conditions in locations where it is unsightly, inconvenient, or simply impossible to run a wired sensor. RLE’s wireless sensors offer the flexibility to monitor temperature, humidity, air flow, pressure, motion, and nearly any other type of threat easily and quickly without having to run a wire.


An extra boost for WiNG signals in a complex environment.

WiNG-RXT Datasheet


Wireless 418MHz temperature sensor that is compatible with the Wi-MGR.

Wi-TS Datasheet


Wireless 433MHz temperature sensor that is compatible with the Wi-MGR-INT.

Wi-TS-433 Datasheet


Wireless 418MHz temperature and humidity sensor that is compatible with the Wi-MGR.

Wi-TH2 Datasheet


Wireless 433MHz temperature and humidity sensor that is compatible with the Wi-MGR-INT.

Wi-THS-433 Datasheet


Wireless 418MHz temperature and humidity sensor that is compatible with the Wi-MGR.


Wireless 418MHz leak detection that is compatible with the Wi-MGR.

Wi-LD Datasheet


Wireless 418 MHz digital counter and temperature sensor with one digital input.

Wi-DIT Datasheet


Wireless point repeater consisting of a 418 MHz receiver with a 900 MHz transmitter.

Wi-PR Datasheet