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The average data center uses up to 3x more cooling than IT equipment requires. Increase the reliability and availability of your data center while significantly reducing your energy costs with airflow management solutions from Upsite Technologies.


A modular containment solution designed to block airflow, ensuring hot and cold aisle separation.

Magnetic Under Rack Panel

The Magnetic Under Rack Panel by Upsite is a quick and easy way to improve airflow management by either blocking bypass airflow or exhaust air recirculation. It employs a unique sealing technology which allows easy, toolless modifications for just the right placement and height. It’s a perfect complement to existing blanking panels and accommodates thermal efficiencies in the data center.


  • Available in two widths: 26” (660 mm) and 33.5” (851 mm)
  • Prescored at one-inch increments
  • Magnetic application
  • Rigid PVC material with UL94 HB
  • Economical solution


  • Easy install, remove, and relocate with magnetic application
  • Toolless installation and height adjustment reduces overall install time
  • Effective seal blocks bypass airflow and/or exhaust recirculation and resulting hotspots
  • Improves IT equipment reliability and extends equipment life
  • Supports cooling unit fan speed reduction
  • Supports higher supply air temperatures and free cooling utilization

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AISLELOK Rack Top Baffles are a key component of Upsite’s modular containment solution and are available in two configurations: angular (30° from horizontal) and vertical (90° from horizontal)



  • Fits common rack widths, allowing for easy, off-the-shelf ordering
  • Can be installed directly out-of-the-box without any tools
  • Attaches to top of the rack magnetically
  • Clear material construction provides maximum light transmission
  • Adjustable magnetic mounting tails can be positioned to fit the top of most cabinets
  • Baffles can be reconfigured to fit either vertical or angular application as needed
  • Does not interfere with most overhead cabling configurations
  • UL94 flame resistant materials

AISLELOK Bi-Directional Doors are another key component in Upsite’s containment solution. The doors can be used with or without the AisleLok Rack Top Baffles; however, for maximum benefit both products are recommended.


  • Standardized off-the-shelf design, available in common rack heights
  • No tools required for installation; attaches directly to side of the end of the aisle cabinet using non-interfering twist lock magnets
  • Quick and easy mounting allows for minimal disruption to the data center
  • Rugged, high quality design enhances professional aesthetics of the computer room
  • See-through doors provide maximum visibility in and out of the aisle
  • Allows equipment carts to be pushed directly through the doors without the need to first slide or swing open the doors by hand
  • Includes a door stopper to hold door as needed
  • UL94 flame resistant materials

The Adjustable Rack Gap Panel is an ideal solution for closing off gaps between racks, such as spaces for building support columns.


  • Closes gap widths from 10″ to 60″ wide (250-1500mm) with scrolling, adjustable panel
  • Features a tool-less design and easily attaches directly to the rack side panel magnetically
  • Total installation time is typically less than a minute

The industry standard for sealing raised-floor data centers. KOLDLOK airflow management products are limit bypass airflow by effectively sealing the openings in raised floors.

Grommets and coversdesigned to seal openings in new raised floor cutouts prior to the installation of communications or power cabling. Based on measurements at multiple data centers, on average 60% of valuable conditioned air is not reaching the air intake of IT equipment due to unsealed floor openings. This lost air, known as bypass airflow, contributes to IT equipment hot spots, cooling unit inefficiencies, and increasing infrastructure costs. KOLDLOK products specifically address bypass airflow and its detrimental impact on data center cooling.


  • Increases existing cooling unit capacity
  • Reduces the need to purchase additional cooling units
  • Improves equipment reliability and extends equipment life
  • Increases static pressure under the raised floor and improves cool air delivery through perforated tiles and floor grates
  • Facilitates Cold Aisle/Hot Aisle best practices
  • Decreases humidity control expense
  • Meets a prerequisite for hot aisle/cold aisle best practices and containment strategies

Rack airflow managements products designed to control intake airflow in server racks.

Full Rack Blanking Panel Kit

Designed to completely seal the vertical plane of 42U-50U racks, Upsite’s new Full Rack Blanking Panel Kit provides a completely tool-less, out-of-the-box blanking solution for unpopulated IT racks.

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Network switch equipment typically sits at the top and back portion of the server rack. This placement makes it difficult for cold air from the cold aisle to travel from the front of the rack to the intake sides(s) o the Network Switch. The SwitchFix solves this problem by extending from the front of the rack in the cold aisle to the switch at the back of the rack. This allows cold air from the cold aisle to reach the network equipment for proper cooling

The Switch Fix comes in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of many switches currently used in today’s data centers. Each unit adjusts in depth to ensure an optimal flow of cold air through to the installed switch. The SwitchFix easily accommodates front, rear and side switch intakes and exhaust. The SwitchFix’s passive airflow system channels air from the cold aisle to the switch, allowing cold air to pass through the switch intakes and prevents bypass and recirculated airflow. This prevents hot exhaust air from recycling through the installed equipment. This passive switch cooling solution can improve switch performance and life expectancy.


  • Channels cold air to the switch
  • Prevents hot air recirculation
  • Maintains cold aisle/hot aisle segregation
  • Adjustable for a variety of depths
  • Passive airflow circulation


  • Maintains switch reliability and improves longevity of the switch
  • Augments and improves upon airflow management best practices
  • Supports over 200 switches in a passive application or 150 switches in an active* application
  • No additional power supply is needed
  • Supports 1U and 2U switches

*Active units are available upon request

Which SwitchFix should you get? Refer to our SwitchFix Cross Reference Guide

Blanking panels – designed to control intake airflow in server racks. HOTLOK’s award-winning blanking panels are considered the ‘best-fitting’ in the industry.


  • Lower cost solution for filling a higher number of missing U space
  • Eliminates re-circulation inside the cabinet and “hot spots” at equipment intakes due to re-circulation
  • Compliments and enhances the performance of existing blanking panels in the server rack
  • Supports equipment cabinet best practices of isolating exhaust air at the back of the cabinet
  • Improves IT equipment reliability and extends equipment life
  • Supports increasing rack and density
  • Increases existing cooling unit capacity