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Critical Infrastructure Assessments

CEG’s data center experts have seen hundreds of mission critical environments and work daily with their physical infrastructure components.  We are the ideal partner to help you at every stage of a data center’s life cycle.

Looking to improve performance or reduce cost in an existing data center, expand a room, or build a new mission critical environment? The first step in the process is the same:  gather information and make an informed assessment of issues and opportunities.

Power utilization efficiency study

Thermal Load Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD Modeling)

Capacity Benchmarking

Data Center Space Optimization

Redundancy and Failure Analysis

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Capacity Planning

Environmental Monitoring + CFD Modeling = Next-level Capacity Planning

CEG combines real-time, best-of-breed environmental monitoring solutions with CFD modeling to provide a complete picture of your critical infrastructure and achieve operational goals.

Data Center Design

CEG can provide project management services and support during all phases of a new or modular data center design.

CFD Modeling

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling is used primarily to model the airflow patterns in a critical infrastructure. CEG uses best-of-breed CFD Modeling tools in conjunction with our assessments or as a stand-alone solution. CFD Modeling provides clients with accurate:

  • What-if Scenarios
  • Capacity Planning Recommendations
  • Air Flow Prediction and Optimization Scenarios
  • Failure Analysis


Critical Infrastructure Installation

CEG has the expertise to take a project of any size from conception to completion. We have decades of experience in data center design, installation and integration. From critical power to data center cooling; from custom containment to environmental monitoring and control systems, CEG can manage it all.


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