New Tech News – Raritan Smart Rack Controller

Intelligent Management of Environmental and Security Information in Mission-critical Facilities In the current data center landscape, effective infrastructure management and environmental monitoring go hand in hand. The industry is in complete agreement that real-time data about a facility’s airflow, power consumption, fluid leaks, etc., is vital for ensuring uptime and efficiency. However, many mission-critical facility…

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New Tech News – CPI Intelligent PDUs provide improved Rack-level Monitoring

CPI enhances its eConnect line of PDUs to include redundancy packs, phase-balance outlets and more Working and learning remotely has placed unprecedented demands on power management in data centers. As a result, rack densities are rising globally and equipment monitoring at the rack level has never been so critical. CPI’s eConnect® power distribution units (PDUs) already…

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Did You Miss Our Raised Floor Best Practices Webinar?

Data Center Raised Floor Webinar

If you’re looking for raised floor best practices that won’t bust your budget, check out this recent webinar CEG hosted with RLE Technologies. In this webinar, you’ll learn: How to dramatically improve data center energy efficiency Different types of containment that work in spaces you can’t see How directional airflow panels can almost instantaneously make…

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New Tech News – Sunbird Releases New Version of DCIM Software

CEG offers Sunbird DCIM software

Set and Monitor Thresholds of Inlet Line Amps & Rack PDU Outlet Circuit Breaker Loads to Improve Data Center Uptime. Sunbird’s newest version of its Power IQ® Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software provides the information and controls you need to fully utilize your existing infrastructure resources while alerting you to trouble before it causes…

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New Tech News – Eaton Introduces Power Infrastructure Monitoring for SMBs

CEG Eaton Data Center Solutions

VPM Essential provides users with power management capabilities in a simplified interface for a competitive price. Earlier this spring, Eaton launched the newest version of its Visual Power Manager (VPM) software, VPM Essential. The new offering delivers the comprehensive remote power monitoring capabilities IT and data center professionals rely on in a self-installable, subscription-based license…

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New Tech News – RLE Introduces Raised Floor Panels with Wireless Environmental Monitoring

Data Center Raised Floor Panels

The RFM (Raised Floor Monitoring) combines two of RLE’s most popular products, a Triad solid steel floor panel and WiNG wireless sensors, to provide a solution that helps data centers seamlessly monitor conditions in an existing raised floor environment. Ideal for differential pressure and airflow monitoring, RFM Panels keep reliable, quality monitoring tucked safely within…

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New Tech News – Next-level Data Center Capacity Planning with EkkoSense

Ekkosense Data Center DCIM monitoring

EkkoSoft Critical 6.0 goes beyond traditional capacity reporting to address all aspects of data center performance. While EkkoSense visualization and monitoring software is already widely used to optimize thermal performance across critical facilities, its newest software release – EkkoSoft Critical 6.0 – takes capacity planning to the next level. EkkoSoft Critical 6.0 combines granular IoT…

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New Tech News – Advanced Console Server Allows for Remote Network Access

Avocent ACS8000 Cellular Module Supports Vertiv Infrastructure & Third-party Devices Earlier this month, Vertiv unveiled the latest in IT management technology with the Avocent ACS8000 advanced console server with cellular capabilities. This cellular addition to the ACS8000 family ensures seamless, integrated management of Vertiv and third-party equipment even when no wired network is available. With…

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Cable Management Best Practices for Data Centers and Server Rooms

Proper cable management will do more for your system than just keeping you organized. Managing your server rack cables effectively helps improve airflow and cooling efficiency, enhances system performance, and increases availability for maintenance and scalability. Here are a few cable management best practices to implement in your data center, server room or IT closet…

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